Moderately priced birthday gift

Music shop I got my bass from has katana go on back order from Roland so think will go for that. @Whying_Dutchman @Al1885 I have sennheisers but use apple mainly, but r and l in opposite ear. Have 30 yo old carlsbro amp which worked when powered on in first time in 30 years. I’m not great at bass so earphones keeps family happy. Thanks for all the suggestions folks. I’m wanting to really improve and finally complete b2b.


Looks good mate. Lot of ideas

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That looks the business.


Got ari book as gift. Arrives today


I have both of Ari’s books. I had high hopes, but they both read more like reference material for her online classes rather than good stand alone material.

That’s just my experience, YMMV.


Katana go arrived. Very impressive compared to wee vox one. Just using iPhone headphones, oddly in wrong ear for sound. Are there any recommended in ear phones? I have beats and Marshall over ear but can’t hear josh with them on


Tell us EVERYTHING about it!

  • how is the tuner?
  • do you have latency in audio interface mode?
  • How are the effects?
  • How is the app?

You are not trying to listen through Bluetooth, are you?

Here you’ll find a head phone discussion: Im a beginner and need help with gear


It’s night and day to the vox

Effects are amazing. Just plugging in iphone buds but will cjeck that thread on in ear. Thanks for recommendation on katana :+1:


Do you have an audio interface and a mic? for about $300 you can get a very good mic and interface that makes recording yourself a vastly better experience than without them. Or, if that’s above your birthday budget, just the interface would allow you to plug directly into the interface and record that way.

I have the UA Volt 2 and it’s probably the non-guitar and non-amp purchase I’m the most happy I made.

Reviews or sound clips of the katana go would be very much appreciated if possible.

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Mine is on the way. Hopefully I’ll get it tomorrow and then I will post my findings…


Mine was supposed to arrive on Saturday, the UPS truck was next street over around 9pm-ish then just went back to the warehouse. Today it was about 300ft from my house but kept going to another part of the city. I guess it would be here between the time that I was promised. Probably another few hours. Well look on the bright side, at lease it’s not FedEx’s.

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Why don’t you become the “well known psychopath” that races after the passing delivery vehicle with a bike and catches it a few miles further - just like me :slight_smile:

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one word: caltrops


You are ninja! I am a dawg ^^


OK! It’s finally here.



The App is very snappy and Bluetooth connectivity is very easy to do considering, you need to connect MIDI first then the Bluetooth audio.

Ok some pics first

Here’s some buttons and what they do

I spent a few minutes connecting the Bluetooth and just plug it in. Selected a few presets and checked out the effects and the adjustments. The effect is quite extensive and awesome sounding.

I made the little recording test, it sounds really awesome. I use my Fiio FA7 IEM, it sounds great in my ears.
I just changed the strings and put the TI Jazz round it’s quite surprising how light the gauge of the strings but great tone out of the E and A strings. I have much to praise about the TI jazz round. It’s every bit as great as the TI Jazz flats.

Music Man Joe Dart II
2 volume knobs no tone knobs.
Pure bass sound.
I just pick the first preset the modern

Here’s the video


You beat me to it - mine arrives tomorrow. No hunting down DHL drivers today ^^

Are you testing the Go for audio interface features? I would be very interested in statements about audio quality and latency (if any)!

I ordered the Go cause a) my iRig HD2 conveniently broke down and b) my Fender Mustang Micro turns out to have only audio out, not audio in (for ASIO).

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So, funny thing: I wanted to take my CCA CRA+ with me on vacation, and listened to it for the first time really (I tend to use my larger over ears for playing at home).

Man, do they s#ck!!!

So In went through my shockingly large collection of variously sized headphones and found my very old Teufel Move Pro (Teufel is a German brand and translates to “Devil”).
They sounded truly great, especially in the lower regions (tonally ^^). I never used them before and am quite happy with them now for playing in a park under a tree as soon as the sun is shining again (which is NEVER in Hamburg).

Teufel Move Pro = highly recommended!

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I recorded with my Zoom Q8N 4K. I used the 3.5mm out to XLR into the Q8N. It’s not digital connection. There’s no latency. I don’t have any need, (yet) for the digital out. I could have done that through my Q8N, but the analog connection is almost always better for recording.

The audio is rich and the bass cuts through the mix really well. I’m quite impressed. I need to learn how to make adjustment and add or change the preset, if possible. Out of the 30 presets I’d be lucky to really need to use 4 or 5.

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I have the Sennheiser Ambeo headset and I’m thinking of the way to hear what I hear as I play. I’m planning to do the WAZA Air Bass review using that. It would be interesting. 360 degree audio.

Once I figure out the best way to record I’ll make the video. I know I can use the sennheiser 650 or Sundara over the Ambeo so the Ambeo can record what I hear. Anyways, I’ll see.

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