Module 4 Lesson 1 Chugging - Listening for drum

I just finished Lesson 1 in Module 4: Chugging.

I’m keeping good time, and everything is working, but when Josh encourages us to listen for the drum. I’m a little lost. I don’t hear the One (sorry Bootsy!), hear 2 and 4 which I think is the snare.

My internal clock is keeping time, but I am concerned that I may not be listening for the right thing, especially since the drummer might alter the snare. Do I just need to turn up the volume, or put on some earphones to pick up the low end better? Is this what I am listening for?


If you’re listening through computer speakers or (even worse) laptop speakers or (even worser) phone speakers - yes.
You won’t be able to hear the low thumpy kick drum unless you’ve got headphones.
I’d try that first!


Also, if you are using speakers or something with a Bass and Treble setting, try turning the bass all the way up.


Ok, so I am definitely missing something.

Obviously I’m not being fair to Josh…:laughing:

Josh: Two Polk Audio 6" Shelf Speakers

Ken: One Rumble 40

I can crank the bass all I want and those Polk 6 inchers aren’t going to cut it.

I guess I need to figure out how to get the Rumble and Josh together. I have a Scarlet DI and some good Studio Phones.

Something like this maybe?

[Ken’s Squier PJ => Rumble 40 => Scarlett => DAW with Josh B2B] ==> Ear Phones

…or should I just go this way:

[Ken’s Squier PJ => Scarlett => DAW with Josh B2B] ==> Ear Phones



I don’t think you need to do anything that complicated. It’s a bit hard to hear it in the lesson with Josh playing every note over it, but try the jam track without the bass part and hopefully you can hear it clearly then. Go to “My Lessons” and then “Extras” then " Module 4-6 Jam Tracks" and play “2-04 Chugging M4-L1 Fast No Bass.mp3”. Let me know if you can hear the bass drum then. I hear it clearly on my computer speakers.


Thanks! I will give that a try. The Polk speakers can provide a punch, and Josh’s bass comes through at equal volume to the where my Rumble is set. I really like my arrangement as it is, so I can hear things in the house if needed.


If it helps, here’s how I would set it up…

Bass to Rumble 40
Computer w/Josh B2B to Rumble 40 AUX
Use Rumble 40 headphone out as needed

Good luck. I hope you can get it working the way you need.


+1 to Eric’s advice - that will work fine. But:

Actually if you have this you don’t need the amp at all. In your computer settings, select the audio interface for both sound output and input, and plug your bass into it, and use the phones. Should be fine for playing along.

This is how I do things. I don’t even own an amp; I sold my Rumble because I was never using it.

If you decide to record while using the DAI as your sound output you may need to correct for audio latency though.