Module 4 - Lesson 2 Chugging

Hi all, first post here and I’m happy to be part of the program.

I wanted to continue to work on developing endurance, control and accuracy with my fingers. So after the fast workout, I went ahead and made a few attempts at the entire song (With or Without You by U2). Is anyone else hearing buzzing from time to time during the pluck? Is there such a thing as chugging “too hard”? I don’t really have a feel for how much finger strength I should be using to get that strong clean bass sound.

I think what I’m experiencing is just growing pains with being new. So maybe it’s a moot question at my stage. Perhaps I just wanted to vent a bit. :slight_smile:


It might have to do with the action of your bass, which, when sufficiently low, causes buzzing when you “dig into the strings”. If the concept of “action” is unclear, then this video both explains it and demonstrates the “buzzing” with a low action bass and when putting more force into the plucking. In general, this is a very useful video that you might want to earmark, especially if you ever want to perform a setup on one of your basses… and you probably will want to :smile:

(Credits to @howard for originally pointing out this video)


Hi Joergkutter, thanks for commenting! Which video are you referencing, the module & lesson?

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Haha, my bad, I forgot to link the video…

Here it is:


Nice, appreciate it!

His playing is pretty inspiring too. :smiley:

Doesn’t look too intimidating but I may just wait for music stores to open and have a professional make some adjustments. It’s high action at this time (I believe). I made the mistake of trying to retune my snare drum head without keeping track of the lugnut turns and that operation took a lot longer than I had anticipated.

This video is bookmarked. Loving the RHCP riffs in this vid. :slight_smile:


Definitely see what @JoshFossgreen means about tensing up when playing these fast chugging patterns now after attempting the song in its entirety a few times.