Monitor or Hi-Fi Speaker for Practice through PC

My current setup is running AmpliTube4 on PC and bass/speaker going through my Audio Interface. My current speakers are slowly dying so I am planning on replacing them. I am curious to see if anybody has any opinion or experience on if I should

  1. Go for a pair of monitor or Hi-Fi speaker?
  2. What would be a good monitor/speaker that people would suggest?

I am more interested in just from a bass practice point of view and not the flat response/audio quality issue of monitor vs hi-fi.

And I will consider getting a bass amp in the future but as of right now I like this type of practice setup and don’t want to add an amp.




This is basically my setup and I am very happy with a pair of 5" monitors. Great sound quality, I use them a lot for mixing and mastering stuff so the flat response is good, and they still sound great for bass.

Most of the sub-5" ones have relatively poor bass response, usually bottoming out around 70Hz even for the good ones. 5" is basically the minimum that have what I would consider good bass response from the ones I found. That said, 3" monitors are going to sound a lot better than normal PC speakers - I had some 3" ones for a while and they were pretty good in comparison to normal speakers.

5" is also where you get in to the range where the amps driving them are of decent size. Mine are 80W each, split 40/40 horn/woofer per monitor.

Recommend checking out the Yamaha HS5’s and the JBL 305P. I bought the latter.


Monitors definitely, this way you will have uncolored sound and it will help you with mixing later on if you need it.

I doubt you’ll find better bang for the buck then Kali LP-6:

They have great frequency response, exactly what you need:


Yeah spec-wise those look solid for sure. Decent price too.

Same power and slightly (4Hz :slight_smile: ) better frequency response as my 305P’s, at about the same price too. looks like a winner.

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I’m happy with my HS5. Both monitors regularly score well in group tests.


HS5 is on my list but my friend suggested checking out MSP5. Since he has a pair I am going to have him bring it over for me to check out.

I’ll probably try to see if I can make a trip somewhere to test out some different monitors.

Thanks for the the suggestions.

Should I go for 7" if I want more bass?

MSP5 are popular choices and sound good too, though I am not sure what they really bring for the added money. But definitely a solid choice.

And yeah, the 7" will be even better for bass. A pair of the 7" monitors would be really excellent for bass response, very transparent and quite a bit louder than many bass amps when it came to it.