Morley A/B/Y mix: 2 amps, 1 bass

Getting a Morley A/B/Y to try upgrading my recent purchase of a MIM Fender J-V (thanks to you all who helped that decision) by combining Ibanez 10w amp (old old-school: two 1/4 jacks) with a used Roland MicroCube 5w BassRX I’m waiting on. Need to hear that B-string. Gotta pair luggage-friendly Cube to fly home to meet his new mate Ibanez. Opted for a Morley Gold Series ABY 2-knob MIX for price, but was tempted by a Saturnworks pedal that was tweaked for bass. As I can’t find specific assurance that the Morley is ok for more than guitar/amp, any advice on whether I need to adjust/adapt for a bass set-up instead of guitar? Or, can the Morley handle whatever comes through its splitter-buffer? Thanks.


It will most likely be fine.

I always wanted a Tyler, but I could never justify it.

Nice BB735A there too :slight_smile:


You should be just fine with the Morley.
I used a Radial Twin City for my dual amp needs for my bass.
It was great. No beef was lost in the usage of that pedal.
And I whaled (wailed? Walesed?) on that low B.