Music notation help

Just saw one of marks videos on beginner riffs and he had a hammer on notated like that and said it was more of an accent hammeron as soon as string plucked not like 2 full notes


Oh my god @Gio that tone is THICC :smiley: is that your P bass? (P.S: My 3 months old girl loved them!)

Thanks a million for doing that. I can hear that there is ‘something’ there but what I did not understand was on which note I am slapping and which I am hammering.

The confusion was because my hammer-ons are not as present as my slap…

Thanks to @Sully3169 I have a visual of the situation here


I only very recently managed to be fast enough for the regular 16th note hammer-ons so gotta work it out with your samples now!


Good deal.
For the slap/hammer dilemma:

The slap is on the tiny note, and then the quick hammer into the big note.

That was actually a J-bass (a Jaguar, but with the electronics gutted and replaced).

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