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I’m having trouble tracking down a notation symbol used in the 50 songs online pack. It’s a little swoosh next to a note, unconnected to another note. Pic attached is from Crossfire. And there are a couple in Chorus 2 of The Chain. There are probably more floating around, so I should pin it down now. Thanks! Capture


That indicates a small slide down from each of those notes. Not to any specific destination note, just a small slide for some flair.


Perfect, thank you. And conversely, one before the note would be a small slide up. This helps a lot, because my amateur ear couldn’t pick it up in the originals. (I bet it can now.) I’m really happy I can ask this kind of question on this forum and get a timely and respectful answer.


Glad to help!

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That symbol is called a “fall” and (like with the scoop discussed earlier this week here:Sliding across strings)

On bass, it’s another way to add sauce/grease/style/flair.

It’s a non-definite slide off a note so that you get the sound of movement, but nothing dramatic or specific. No actual destination, just the vibe and sound of sliding down, away, out of the note.


Excellent. And thanks for the informative link. I’m digging learning these new terms too. “Grease” is so perfect for this technique.

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So, it’s a scoop if it’s going into the note and a fall if coming out of the note?

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I think that’s it.
I’m willing to plant my flag in this hill.


Thanks @Gio! Just wanted to make sure I was using the terms correctly.

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So, apparently the four possible cases are like this:

  • going into a note (from below) - scoop
  • coming out of a note going up - droit
  • going into a note (from above) - plop
  • coming out of a note going down - fall

Anyway, that is what MuseScore calls those “actions” :smile:


plop :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

i need to use more plops