Musician’s Friend / Schecter delaying my bass

I was very excited for my Schecter Hellraiser Extreme 5 LH bass to be shipped out mid-month. It came and passed, I called MF, they told me it was coming end of month. The date came, I called, they told me it was delayed to April and subsequently June 18th. June 18th?? I didn’t know what to say. I think the customer service rep is seeing if she can get the points I spent on the order ($113) refunded. What should I do?

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Something is definitely delaying it…where is MF getting it from? I’ve bought most of my basses from them and they get them to me within a week.

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They said that they were waiting for “the manufacturer
“ so I assume straight from Schecter.

Yeah, that’s what I figured…delays happen unfortunately. All you can do is wait on Schecter and MF will get it to you as soon as it comes in

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Welcome to 2022 (a continuation of 2021).
Nothing sneaky going on here, supply chain, covid worker outages, shipping lanes, etc.
I have two bases on order, they get here when they get here (they will get here, and so will yours).
Patience is the new game here.
If you don’t have it, buy what’s in stock or used.

Seriously, not trying to be glib, this is the way of the world now.
Buy what’s available or happily feel the zen of waiting and the joy of finally getting what you patiently waited for.


My beautiful Surveyor 87 in Rainbow Crackle was supposed to be here last September, then October,than two different dates in November, skip a few more pushes now it’s scheduled for September again.

My MDB5 which I have ordered as a replacement for the Surveyor has pushed twice. Now I’m debating to go another route.

You see it across brands. It can’t be helped really.

Wait if you have patience. Buy from stock if you don’t. This is how the world is right now.


One thing about placing it on order is you lock the price, which are trending up.


Here’s a little perspective. My SC-607 guitar was built by ESP/Korea World factory in June or July of 2021 and Sweetwater had just gotten it in January 2022 from ESP.

Also, I, too, had a delay for my Nektar Pacer. It took MF a month to get one in and send it to me, something like that.

Guitars are disappearing as soon as retailers get them it seems. Sweetwater got 4-5 more of my model and they were gone in a week or something. A $1250 guitar just disappearing. They sell $1900 basses almost as soon as they get them, too. Our very own @Al1885 bought one of those expensive headless Ibanez basses themselves.

They could simply have orders ahead of you that are getting filled. It sucks they gave you one date and then another, and another…

Darkglass told me they won’t even have the foot pedal for their brand new amp ready until June.


I ordered an ESP Ltd Lefty from Sweetwater – It might come in 6 months if I am lucky.
Covid sucks.


Don’t think Apple, think Tesla.

I placed an order for the Ibanez EUB 804. My rep said it’s coming in regularly but, but there are 11 people who preordered them. Mind you EUB are not exactly flying off the shelves anywhere they are small niche of a smaller niche.

I was going to wait for the $1400 EBH 1006MS but since it’s not coming til mid April, supposedly, I decided to get the other one, it turned out to be top of the line but there’s no wait and my rep gave me pretty good discounts.

Even before Covid, most preorders are a long wait anyway, unlike Apple products, most manufacturers like to put the words out as soon as they have the prototype even before tooling the production, this way they get all of the order, it seems.

Before Covid I preordered the Roland TD17KVX eDrums, scheduled to be out mid July of that particular year, actual shipping date mid March of the next year. A music store in Vegas gave me a great discount and freebies plus next day shipping. It is what it is, lol.


been waiting since before Christmas for my Ampeg Micro. Its been out of stock and back ordered everywhere. I ordered from Sweetwater. I had an Orange Bass amp so it was only an inconvenience. I just received a noticed today that it has finally shipped. Maybe you can get it somewhere else that has it physically in stock and kill the order with MF and get a refund?


Says in stock on sweetwater.

I just played on one up in Rochester at

He’s got them if you have trouble.


Oh I returned my Ampeg Micro. It was a great device but wasn’t a big fan of the fan noise (I can only play at bedroom levels at home). It sounded just like an Amepg svt and I would still recommend it to anyone. Such a cool amp


Thanks! Will you send a link, I don’t see the Schecter Hellraiser Extreme 5 LH on sweetwater?

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My reply was in reference to the Ampeg amp, sorry.

Last year I ordered a new 5 string Squire from Musician’s Friend. I had a contact there who is on the ball when it comes to anything I need and information about it. The bass was one that was listed as a pre-order. Think I ordered it in January. I received it the first week of December. Even though Musician’s Friend posts an approximate ship date they are only quoting what they are told by the factory. There has been significant lags in shipments probably all related to COVID and the tariff thing that was imposed by the govt. on all incoming shipments. It’s that thing passed by Congress to influence companies to build things here in the USA instead of other countries. That don’t work at all. Companies just shove the cost and delays off on customers. The only things that will ever get companies to build factories again here in the USA is reducing taxes and garbage companies have to deal with to run a factory. I find waiting if you got a good deal from Musician’s Friend is worth it.

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The best advice I can give anyone when dealing with USPS, UPS or FedEx is make sure you get a tracking number. It’s not foolproof by any means but at least you can see when it ships…but don’t be fooled by tracking that says something like “package available for pickup by carrier”. All that means is that the shipping label has been created but hasn’t been picked up or taken to the shipping agency. Also, if you do get a lot of packages, memorize the hubs nearest you. That includes Amazon.