MusicSheets Pro/Lyric Pad 3 App For Android

Recently I have been attempting to cut down on the number of lead sheets I print out and have been looking at using my Samsung 10.1 inch tablet instead at jams.

An issue arises when you have a long song that covers at least two pages. So far what I am doing is just putting the display into landscape mode and displaying two pages at a time. On a 10.1 inch screen it’s OK but not optimal and the PDF lyric file has to be formatted properly.

I have been looking for a standalone android app to auto scroll the Samsung screen. I know this is possible with hardware and foot switches but that is not what I want.

So, after a lot of searching I came across an app called Lyric Pad 3 but it only has a Playstore rating of 3.2 out of 5 and in the last two years there has only been a couple of review comments and no apparent updates. Comments prior to that were pretty negative.

So I thought I would create this topic and see if anybody on the forum has used the Lyric Pad 3 app software and what their thoughts were on it were.


Not exactly the answer to your question, but I’ve used MobileSheets Pro for this. Don’t use it anymore because I’ve switched to Mac/iOS, but the Software was updated on a regular basis and after getring into it, it was working very well for me.


Don’t know why I never saw this one.
I checked out their website and it looks like that MobileSheets Pro should do the job.
They have a great 4.6 rating and a lot of users.
Great that they have a free version to try it out.

The one thing that was not clear on the website was whether you had to use pedals for page turning.
I prefer not to do that if possible. Can you please let me know.
Note: I have a dual set of pedals I use with my Boss RC30 loop station that may work if there is no auto scroll function.

Thanks for the information.


While I’ve never used the feature myself, looking at the user manual they provide online, it does:


Thank you for the reply.

I have downloaded the trial but not the manual yet.
Gonna check out some YouTube tutorials and read the manual.

I hope to use the trial on my Samsung 10.1 for my jams this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week.

Welcome, curious if it fits for you. I was quite happy with it.

@Fabian So far so good with MobileSheets but I may have to change my mind about a bluetooth page turner.
Did you use one and if so which one did you like?

I did’nt use a bluetooth page turner with it, but a MIDI controller. I’ve tried the Airturn QUAD with iPad and other software. It does the job, but I still don’t like the bright LEDs they are using… But I did’t use it that much to be confident to recommend it. There is also a bluetooth pedal from IK multimedia I was checking online when searching for a bluetooth page turner. Not to sure why I decided against it. I own a few other products from them and I’m quite happy with the stuff they make.
Hope this helps :blush:


Thanks @Fabian :+1:

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After seeing what MobileSheets Pro could do I finally pulled the trigger and purchased the app.
You would not believe the hassle I had with the Google Playstore trying to purchase it. In the end I emailed Zubersoft and was given a direct link to their server and within minutes it was paid for, downloaded, and installed. Great customer service IMHO.

My bluetooth footswitch arrives today.
I also downloaded the Quick Start and Full Manual from the Zubersoft website.
This appears to have a fairly steep learning curve to learn all of the functions but if I can figure out the Reaper DAW I am sure I can handle this. Good thing I am retired. :laughing:


Next Tuesday I have a jam session with 18 songs on the setlist. I imported them into MobileSheets Pro.
Looks great on the PC and my Samsung 10.1 tablet.

My $50 Yueyinpu bluetooth pedal arrived yesterday. Was a lot better than I thought it would be for that price. Solid construction and 100% silent switches. The only drawback is it has a usb rechargeable battery.

I paired the tablet to the footswitch and they worked flawlessly together. So I am all set for that Tuesday jam session.

I still have a bit to learn about MobileSheets Pro but so far everything has exceeded my expectations.
The bottom line is for a total of $75 Canadian I am now 100% digital for my lead sheets at jam sessions.

I just want to thank you again for letting me know about the MobileSheets Pro app. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Glad that you are happy with MobileSheets and I was able to help you out :slight_smile: