My bass & amp

Although I can’t find anything specific that confirms this but my DEAN FLYING V bass seems to be very keys E & A oriented. Keys D&G sound like junk. I tuned it w/ FATBOY electric tuner so its’ in key but E&E just freakin pound! Is this possible? I’m a newb w/ no frame of reference but this guitar just shines in the the lower scale. I do know that some pro music heavyweights like Schenker & Mustaine play DEANs which is impressive. I have a pic but don’t know how to attach it.

The seventh icon from the left, the one showing a desktop computer with an upward-pointing arrow.

Hi @V-Bass,

Perhaps the pickup is at an angle that brings the E and A strings closer to the strings.

Keep in mind that some pickups may be at an angle by design (P-bass pick ups, for example).

Josh has a video about setup in general. It might also be the adjustment at the bridge, i.e. if the E & A strings sit lower, they get picked up better. So, it’d be worth it to get a ruler and check the measurements on your bass.

See if that helps, and try to upload pictures of the bridge, pick up and whatever else has you puzzled. :slight_smile:



^ My DEAN FLYING V & AMPEG 100watt 2x10 amp.


This axe is really heavy sounding and E & A string oriented.

Hehehe, that’s a sweet axe.

For the purposes of helping you out, though, you should take a few close up pictures from the side of the pick up / bridge, and preferably with a ruler in view. Your camera would look along the body of the bass down towards the knobs, for example.

Or do the measuring yourself and see if the top side of the pickup is higher than the bottom side (towards the knobs).

Also, it could be normal that the E and A sound heavier to you. Basses have a wider range of sounds than guitars, at least from my perspective.


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The room you are in will resonate more with certain notes. When I got my ampeg ba 210, it would boom when I played an A. When I got home it was mush less boomy. But it was a completely different room.

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Sounds to me like a couple of dead strings. Maybe at some point it was laid down wrong and some freak impact damage the D and G strings. Are those new?

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I really do think this axe is meant to play as it’s named METAL. I just wonder can a guitar be constructed to excel for the lower registers even though its tuned perfectly to E, A, D, and G keys. The seller also gave me a FATBOY electric tuner & I’ve tuned it.

A simple thing like the gauge (thickness) of the strings will also change the tone of notes…your bass might be set up with strings that have a bit of a thickness jump between the A&D strings so the D&G sound weak in comparison to the nice thick E&A strings

If this is the case, you could get different strings or try a compressor pedal (and/or EQing could help), or just play songs on the E&A strings only :+1:

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