My basses

I have two of the fender electron green a fender jazz and a schecter


Welcome, @majorsob. Really nice basses! Congrats.

FYI, there is a long-standing thread where BassBuzzers show their basses called, well… Show Us Your Basses . If you post your pics there, more folks will likely see them.

Also, you might want to tell us about your bass journey at Introduce Yourself! (2018-2022).


4 basses? He’ll fit in


That electron green is the same color as 41% of all shag carpets in 1973.

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Sell the Fenders. Put Fishman Fluence Moderns into the Stiletto, or an EMG P4 and DC set.

You’re welcome :smiley:

(I’m kidding. I actually just sold my own Stiletto Extreme, finally. But I have three Schecters to replace it…)

It’s also practically identical to Dingwall “Ferrari Green”.

I wonder of I can get some of that '70s shag or plush to line my hardcase? :wink:


I put in a P4X/P4X set and like it.

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I’ve been curious about dual Ps, but have no experience with that (yet? :face_with_monocle:). I also keep forgetting about EMG’s ‘X’ pickup line.

Check out Ningen Issu, their bassist rocks dual Ps.

I have a set of SS strings going on my dual P4X probably this weekend thanks to you btw.

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Electron green, Ferrari Green, just call them what they are, chartreuse, and be done with it! :wink:


à votre santé!


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Στην υγεία σου!

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