My day at work

Got my work cut out today. Those are fork lift lift chains. Most trucks have two, but some have just the one ( but it’s bigger and heavier). Greasy, dirty heavy work. I’m gonna look like Baldrick by the time I finish work today (for those of you who are young and/or living outside the UK so a search for Blackadder episodes)!


As long as you have a cunning plan, you should be alright :wink:


His plan is so cunning, you could pin a tail on it and call it a fox!


Keep on… trucking? I wish you patience and hope everything comes together nicely.

Myself, I could be more productive, I guess, and at the same time, I’m making small steps every day. Salami tactics, :grin:


Meh. I’m a forklift mechanic- it’s what I do. It was just unusual today to have six trucks on one site that all needed their chains doing. Got three of them done today plus a repair. Got another three plus a repair to do tomorrow too! :smiley:


This guy showed up at my work today. Completely ruined today’s agenda.


We have to do this every 4 years, they dress you up in a rubber suit and strap you in to a simulation of a helicopter cabin. So far so good. This helicopter is suspended above a swimming pool into which it is slowly lowered, just before your head enters the water you take a deep breath, wait for 7 seconds and then push out the window and release your seatbelt and pull yourself out.
Piece of cake I hear you cry. Not content with almost drowning you, the sadistic sods then strap you back in and go through the same procedure only this time they simulate a helicopter capsize. So you are held upside down in the water, in a seatbelt in a dodgy rubber suit and this is for our safety.
Needless to say that it is loved by all offshore workers.
To be fair, afterwards they make sure that you are dry and toasty by taking you out and making you put out fires.
All this is before you even set foot offshore


I’ve got friends who work on the rigs who’ve regaled me with those tales. Good times @Deidheid .

We were on exercise in Norway when I was in the mob. Winter survival blah. We’ve just skied all over the place with big packs and then out onto a frozen lake.

The Norwegian instructor brings out a chainsaw with the longest bar I’ve ever seen and cuts a 6’ x 6’ hole in the ice.

Yeah you know where this is going. Good times indeed.

Hope you’ve been enjoying the snow over there :slight_smile:


The snow that has brought the country to a near standstill was a couple of inches!. No wonder the Canadians and Norwegians laugh at us!


I was born in NE England just outside Newcastle and had never eally seen snow until we immigrated to Canada in November of 1957.

This winter we have had a couple of 3 foot snowfalls. That slows us down a bit but 2" would not stop anything where I live. My 12Hp snowthrower clears a path to the road quite efficiently and then you just have to watch out for the idiot drivers from the big city that keep forgetting the stopping distance increases significantly when there is snow and ice on the road. We have also had a few minus 30 Celcius days with windchills exceeding -40. Gotta love it. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


My favourite is 4x4 drivers that continue driving as though it’s a bright sunny day. It doesn’t matter how many wheels are being driven if their is no grip.
Those two inches of snow are enough to have the sides of the road looking like a car park with the amount of vehicles that have spun out. Our inability to deal with a relatively minor snowstorm is quite frankly embarrassing.
I worked with a couple of Canadians out here in the North Sea, they say that although it is colder in Canada, it is a dry cold. Here you just get wet, cold and miserable. We have what they call a lazy wind. Instead of going round you, it goes through you.


Right a dry cold. Here’s the thing it’s still bloody cold. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Quite a few times we get skin freezing warnings primarily aimed at small children and babies. Those days you just stay home. Power outages in the winter are a big thing here and to any newcomers to our small village I tell them it is smart to get a generator. Several years ago we had power out for a week. Most of my neighbors had to move into a hotel but when they came home they discovered flooded basements due to burst frozen pipes. You have to be prepared or pay the price.


We had a couple of power outages recently and I must admit the idea of a generator did come up.
The outages do tend to be infrequent though, a friend of mine had a generator and when it came time to be used it wouldn’t start. The fact it had been sitting in the shed for 5 years untouched may or may not have contributed to this outcome.


Dry cold never stopped my eye lashes from freezing shut and making me cough when I step outside and it hits the lungs in this Canadian town. lol


Every fall I do maintenance on my snowblower and generator so that they are ready when needed. This winter we have only had a few power outages but they only lasted a short time. If the power goes out for more than an hour I fire the generator up. One of the big mistakes I see people making is not making sure they have fresh gas. Oh well live and learn. It only takes me about 1/2 hour to get everything up and running. Regardless of these inconveniences I would still rather live in the country than the city.

In the summer I go out on my sundeck in the morning with a coffee and listen to the cows mooing in the nearby fields. It’s all good :+1: :+1:


Right on. Been there clearing my driveway here in Central Ontario.

Where are you located?


I have 10 meetings today.


:rofl: :scream:


Do you do that in Fleetwood?


I’ve been helping a neighbour put up a fence for their cattle. Not too bad at all until last week as I’m guiding an 8ft x 1ft hardwood post into a hole the guy on the tractor managed to drop it! I managed to roll out the way except for my bloody left foot.
Anyway a trip to the hospital I was told no breaks, just bruised and swollen. All good I thought so a couple of days later I’m back fencing.
That was last week. Today the hospital rang and after reviewing the X-ray apparently it’s broken! Thought it was a bit sore :joy: