My debut album

Hello, fellow-bassplayers! I would like to share my debut album with you! :grin:
It’s available on streaming platforms and links are on my website:
It is very chilled and jazzy. Most of it is recorded on bass guitars and I tried to be as musical as I
could be with these beautiful instruments. If you like melodic yet groovy playing you should check it out!
I’ll be honoured if you could listen to it and give me feedback.
Good day to all of you! :sunglasses::raised_hands:


Very nicely done!! I like how you use different tones and basses.

I hear some BassExtremes influences; a Steve Bailey-like tone on the fretless here and there (and perhaps a bit of Jaco :wink:). But, nicely varied!

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Welcome, @bassic_chill. Glad you’re here.

Great work on your album! Good work, man.

Listening to you now on spotify @bassic_chill. Thank you for the invitation and allowing free listens. I must confess jazz isn’t my kind of thing, I am a rocker and old school folk music fan; that said I find your album quite groovy and pleasant to listen to. I totally dig your vocalist on the track Home. That is a dead sexy voice imho and goes together with the tune - smooth as butter on toast. I hope you keep pursuing your passion and we hear more from you.