My First Jam

So, it finally happened. I took the bass out and played with other people. My brother and his girlfriend to be exact. Being only a little less than 50% through the course, I was apprehensive to say the least. I was dreading embarrassing myself.

First song and one they are working on together is “Fluorescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys”, the bassline from the Tabs I found, were tricky and it goes along at a good clip. But I managed to improvise/simplify and chug along in key and it worked.

We moved onto some songs from the Cranberries, the baselines here, much like U2’s With Or Without You. These I was able to lock into keep the groove and get through the whole thing. Soooo satisfying!

My brother also told me to follow him on a song he was playing and where to shift from playing a descending scale to sustaining whole notes. No tabs just knew the scale and played along with him, that was great :slight_smile:

He made a joke at the end, that he was playing guitar for 4 years before playing with other people and that I have had my bass for “a week” and lucked into a band. There was a bit of truth in the joke though and only for these lessons I wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as I am now. Thank you Josh, the course is fantastic and my progress I have made has been amazing.


Good for you, @Conor . . . :+1:

Cheers, Joe


Congratulations @Conor. Maybe next time a quick video? :grinning:


Thanks Joe :slight_smile:


Thanks Jerry. You know what I just might make a video, watch this space :wink:


One of the most rewarding experiences from the bass journey is getting to play with others! It keeps you sharp and gets you out of the comfort zone!

I’m so happy for you, it’s really a priceless experience.


That is a great way to describe it, gets you out of the comfort zone. It is easy to practice with headphones on, but there is more pressure on when other people can hear you. I still need a lot more practice and need to improve, but there is honesty in playing with other people. You see what flaws you have in playing and what is working for you. Thank you @gcancella


Very well said.


This is great to hear. Playing music with others is so incredibly satisfying. Good on you @Conor.