My Friend of Misery

I’ve been playing with Newstead’s solo, but none of the tabs show the intro part he plays here, they all start at what he’s playing at 1:30.

Jason Newsted Solo + Nothing Else Matters Live in Cunning Stunts Metallica (

Is there a tab that shows the intro? I’ve tried to learn this by ear, but am struggling a little (just finished the B2B course yesterday).



It looks to me like he’s playing a 5 string, not sure how he’s tuned either. Good thing is that you can see his fingering at the start of the video so you should be able to take it frame by frame and learn that part.

I would be very surprised to find accurate tabs of a solo though

Songsterr has one from the beginning:


I’ve found a LOT of tabs out there aren’t correct, but they can be a handy starting point…