My index finger is too loud on strings

Well, what is says in the title.
I’ve tried to really chop the nail off until it actually hurts so I can’t play because it stings.
It’s like my nail has this downward curve and like my “cushion” of the fingertip can’t really pluck without making that awful ding ding sound after every note I hit.
It really drives me crazy, anyone else with this problem?
What should I do, I don’t know 'nymore :<


I occasionally hit strings too hard especially as I get into the groove of a song or if I miss a note and in a panic try to catch up.
I’m hoping that practice and experience will see me through it eventually


You can also try tilting your plucking fingers slightly sideways, so that their point of contact with the strings is a couple of millimeters off (towards the side of the fingertip).


Sorry this is somewhat late, but perhaps it still helps, @NocturnalPulse:

  • try playing with the “musician’s glove” on your plucking hand! (just search the forum for “glove” and you should be able to find the right thread and even Josh’s recent gadget video)

  • if all else fails, you might want to consider playing with a pick/plectrum