My Latest Adventure

Hello All,
And thank you so much for following along during my bass adventures and discoveries. As for this video, we plugged into the board and man the sound horrifically dreadful. We played for 40 minutes but these were the best audio clips I could slap together.

For those of you that are new to my story, here is an overview while you are listening to this video. I began playing the bass by watching YT videos and then obviously jumped on Bass Buzz. Last March of 2023, I met Nate. He is responsible for educating me with song structure.

Last August John came over to mess around and Nate & I are definitely not in the same arena as John. He is way beyond our current skill set. John has been patiently working with us ever since and now we are officially a trio.

John has numerous connections here in the Valley and is currently booking us for local winery gigs in the Spring of 2024. When he first presented this idea , I was way dubious because I am clearly the weakest link of the band. However, as you can hear in this particular video , I happily camp out on root notes. Nothing flashy what so ever and I am cool with that approach so far.

I would like to give a special thank you acknowledgment to @Antonio for his kind words over the past few months. We thank The Dude for filming and we thank all of you for the continued support over the calendar year of 2023.

Looking Forward To 2024 ,


Awesome! You guys did great.

Don’t worry about the sound, you just never know what you’re gonna get with room acoustics. If you have time you can try and compensate with EQ and moving speakers but unless you have a sound engineer friend to run a mixer and pre-measure the room, really just kind of get used to it, live acoustics can suck.


Anytime, buddy! Like I said, you rock!. And this looks like a fun and inspiring road you’re going down. :hugs:

Funny you should mention camping out on the roots - it’s what I had to do with the band here. They make up their tabs and sheets, and throw songs at me with no warning, so what am I gonna do - I’m going to appreciate the root even more. :grin: And I dig your little walks around the octave! I like Dog Gone, it’s a mellow tune.

Keep practicin’ and don’t worry about the sound. Videos are so much more unforgiving than a live audience.



Hello @Antonio & @howard ,

Thanx a million for checking in and I appreciate your kind words for sure. I am not all that worried about the sound as this place is a true dive bar and the PA system is rather outdated at this point. It was more of a disclaimer than a concern. I normally use my own rig and we are looking into a used PA system for 2024.

And Antonio , I am a big fan of Nate’s original tunes and Dog Gone so kicks A$$. Nate and I are currently writing two new songs. One is a love song and the other one is a baseball jam. We only began focusing on covers when John came along. He has been teaching us all sorts of tunes and random crowd favorites.

The funny part would be when him and Nate play the bass line for me and I completely agree that it should sound like that but I can’t play that fast cleanly. They laugh at me all the time because we all understand that I am the lame duck of the band. However, they have pointed out my growth, my practice habits , and have publicly mentioned my improvements recently.

In closing, we are really enjoying playing together and we have elevated our practicing the past two months. We still have a long road ahead but it definitely doesn’t feel like a rough road these days.

You All Have A Wonderful New Years Eve,