My new baby!

Warmoth PJ Bass (P-Bass body, J-Bass neck, Lindy Fralin PJ Bass pickups), Flame maple vintage satin neck and daphne blue body (alder) and a custom pickguard, which has a unique reason behind it, lol.

When I ordered the body, I actually “screwed up” by not researching top vs. rear-routed control cavities more, and I thought the only actual difference was that I could more easily access the hardware with a top rout. Unfortunately, what I didn’t know is that it meant the holes for the control knobs ended up in a completely different location than you’d get on a standard modern P-Bass pickguard, so everything was completely off when I got it.

Decided to just make a custom P-Bass pickguard, but with an elongated “horn” (or whatever you’d call it) to cover the holes. But then I was looking at Warmoth’s pickguards, and saw the " '72 PBass " pickguard, and fell in love with how it “sweeps” over the pickguards instead covering them. So I basically stole the top half of the '72 pickup’s design and customized the bottom half to cover the holes.

Talk about a happy little accident, because it came out amazing, IMO. And it sounds so damn good too with the Fralin pickups.

The only sad part is I’ve had it for about a month and a half, and I already dinged the body twice, lol. But there were already very small blemishes on it from both Warmoth’s process, and a small scuff mark that I think the luthier left when he was assembling the bass, so whatevs, lol.

Now I just gotta name her.



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