My practice/learning setup

I’m very new to this, and I wanted a convenient and portable practice setup so I could easily do my B2B lessons and practice anywhere. This is what I came up with. A Valeton Rushead MAX headphone amp, KLIQ MetroPitch tuner/metronome, and Getaria wireless guitar system. I plug whatever I’m watching the lessons on into the amp AUX input, and either a portable speaker (one that can reproduce good bass) or headphones into the headphone jack of the amp. It’s all rechargeable and all fits nicely in my bass case :sunglasses:


Nice portable setup.

Am I missing something or would the VOX amplug2 headphone amp also fulfill your needs?
The tuner would not be connected while playing but you tune up and then play anyway and don’t really need the tuner during the lesson.

Yep the VOX amp is pretty much the same thing as the Valeton amp. The Valeton unit was quite a bit cheaper, and for my beginner setup I thought why not save some money until I know what works. I liked the idea of an inexpensive wireless link too, but I’d need a 1/4" coupler to connect the amp and wireless receiver. Conveniently, the KLIQ tuner has an in and out, so when I’m not using it to tune, it passively couples the amp and wireless receiver. The tuner also has a metronome and a headphone jack that I can plug into the amp AUX to mix my bass and a metronome in the headphones. It’s definitely a bit Rube Goldberg lol