Need a good music book to read?

The novel Children of the Neon Bamboo will have you running to pick up the bass and improve your playing, chasing that ghost of musical excellence! Can’t recommend enough. Thank me later!

Children of the Neon Bamboo: B. Glynn Kimmey: 9798988054115: Movies & TV


Fun read

Yay, a book club!

John Taylor’s book is well worth a read, especially if you grew up in the 80s, listening to Duran2

And while he is (cough) a guitarist, Steve Jones’s book is also excellent!


Thanks for the recs- I’ll check them out!

Highly recommend this one:

It’s a fun read and profound. Doesn’t hurt that it’s from a bassist’s point of view :wink:

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I want to get Hooky’s books:

Haçienda, How Not To Run A Club
Substance: Inside New Order
Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division

This is my next book, once I finish reading Slash’s book.

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Just started the audiobook today, and it’s SO good!

I assume this David Byrne is THE David Byrne grew up with, right? If so, I’m interested.