Need a Group

Here’s an ideas for everyone, but especially good for, “burned out hippies:” Join a ukulele club. Ukuleles are enjoying global popularity, I belong to two clubs in Southern California. Bass players really enhance a uke group, and most clubs would gladly welcome a bass player if they don’t already have one. Trust me, you’d be the star! I am learning bass with my new Gretsch Jet, but also have a Kala Ubass, which plays exactly like a full size bass, and it plays nicely though my Rumble amp. It seems to go better with a uke group, appearance wise, but not necessary, as a regular bass is also fantastic. They both put out the same sound. Give it a try, it’s better than always playing alone. Google uke clubs in your area, there are lots of them around!


Sorry, but every time I think of ukulele, visions of Tiny Tim pop into my brain. I’m in therapy for it, and hope to be cured soon.


Yeah, we all know about TT. Like your therapist probably already told you, you have to let go of those nasty thoughts!


@PamPurrs I cant get that horrible screach out of my head and I last heard it 50 years ago.


Hey @shockadrew ,

I actually bought a uke when I was in Hawaii a very long time ago. I’ll check for groups here in Palm Springs.

Stay Tuned,

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