Need help finding a particular song

There is a song I have heard a few times in the last couple weeks that I haven’t heard in quite a while. I don’t know the name or the artist. There is one line I can remember “ running up that hill” only line from the song I know. Does anyone here recognize it, if someone does please let me know what it is before my head explodes from running that one line over and over. It’s not hard rock, metal, or country, and I think it’s a female singer if that helps.


Kate is @John_E ex-girlfriend so he grabbed that so fast, lol.


If this were true I would have died and gone to heaven already

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That is it. Thanks a bunch.

Download an app on your phone called Shazam. When you hear a song you like, open the app and it will tell you what the song and artist is. Very useful tool.



You can now hum or sing a tune or melody or part of a tune to Google and it will find the song for you.
Works really really well.
I had a Phil Collins song in my head for years and couldn’t for the life of me find it on his albums.
Hummed a bit at Google and boom.