Need help with bass effects pedal

Hey gang. Reaching out to the collective for some help. I’m looking for a chorus and reverb pedal specifically for a bass guitar. I just get lost in the sea of demos on YouTube, then you get the pedal and it doesn’t sound like what it did when they demoed it on the video.

Had a boss gt 1b but got rid of it because of the degree of complexity making it so difficult to use. Just want a simple, straightforward chorus and reverb pedal, any suggestions would be much appreciated.


I’d go with Boss.

Tried and true you know what you are getting. If you are not sure if you even want any then buy Berhinger or Donner.


For chorus I strongly recommend the ElectroHarmonix Bass Clone:

For reverb I recommend the Boss RV-6 Reverb/Delay, just a great pedal series, works fine on bass:

But if you can find one, I like the older RV-3 even better:

I had one of these, so so good. Ice cold reverbs and delays. Sounds fantastic, better than any other reverb pedal in the price range IMO.


Those Boss RV models sound great, instant The Edge sound right there. I do wonder if they are as useful for bass though.


I loved mine. This is the RV-3. You’ll see what I meant by “ice-cold reverb.” Very retro '80s, so good.


UPDATE: Wound up with the Source Audio Collider. Amazing pedal but not cheap.

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