Need help with Fender Rumble LT 25 - Justin Chancellor tone

Hello! I need some advice from people who have the rumble LT 25 or any variation of it.
As the title says, I would like to ask you about Justin’s tone - that crunchy low D sound, the best example is The Pot. Now I’m aware that such a sound requires a lot of gear, the wal bass, earne ball strings, humbucking pickups, clean + crunchy amps combined, etc. But my question is - if you have this amp, which are the custom settings (stomp, mod, eq, delay) that got you the closest to his sound? I got a decent tone by playing with the settings but there might be someone more experienced than me with this amp.

Also, if you might know some good settings for 46 and 2 flanger part, would be awesome. Cheers. :slight_smile:


So I don’t have a LT25 and I am not really familiar with the song, but I just listened to it and to me it sounds mostly like he is using a standard Darkglass pedal there, nothing really special about it. Kind of like this dude is doing in his cover using an Alpha/Omega:

That’s a very standard Darkglass signature sound and most of their pedals will do something similar. Their older ones like the B3k/B7k can probably pull it off better than that guy’s Alpha/Omega, in fact.

Here’s another guy doing it with a B7k:

Now - whether or not the LT25 can - I don’t know :slight_smile:

Agree with you that’s an awesome sound, I love Darkglass style overdrive/distortion myself.


For the Rumble, make sure you boost hi mids a little and maybe lower bass and low mids a bit depending on your room size. Mess around with EQ before you start messing with effects, but I’m sure you can achieve that sound with some patience. Save your settings on the LT25 for each one and tweak as you see fit.


typical Darkglass pedals (which that Tool song sounds a lot like) have an interesting frequency graph. Basically bass and low mids are boosted (centered in low mids, low Q), mids are seriously scooped with a high Q, and treble is boosted with a low Q. Most of them let you move these parameters around in various ways.

The low is clean and the distortion is all on the highs, for most of them.

Hard to do with just a three or four band EQ. What effects does the LT25 have?


All of them. OD, Distortion, wah, modulation of all sorts, synth, octave, plus cab Sims.
Here’s Fender’s video. You can see the customization at the 5 minute mark. Still a 4 band EQ though.

The Studio line is similar, bit has twice the presets, plus Bluetooth capabilities.

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I wonder if it has a darkglass preset :slight_smile:

If (like the zoom) it has a frequencly splitter, one thing to try might be a distortion/fuzz applied to only the high frequencies, and then EQ to boost treble, low mids, a little bass, and scoop high mids.

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No doubt it does, I forget what it’s called. I know zoom is Dark crunch or something like that.

When looking for an amp, I watch d videos of this where they went through every preset :joy: I was bored… I’ll look and see


Yeah if it has a Darkglass preset, that will be by far the fastest path to this tone :slight_smile:

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Hmm, I can’t really find any posts on TB or YouTube that compare it to Darkglass… This is a huge missed opportunity for fender if so.
This is list of their pre-programmed presets.

@Wilted you may want to check out the Rumble Lt/Studio thread on TalkBass and see what solutions others have come up with for that sound. My best bet is to start with the SVT preset (Rock Bass) and tweak from there.

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