Need help with new amp controles

My new amp has a mid frequency knob that you can select 220, 450, 800, 1.6K or 3K. it also has your standard mid knob. I have no ideal which setting I should be using and if someone can explain this to me I would apricate it. It also has a gain control that I am not sure about. Thanks


Parametric mids control is a very nice feature to have as it allows you to select where you want to boost or cut mids. However, if you leave your mids flat you don’t have to use it. Don’t fear it, it won’t hurt you :slight_smile:

For a more bright, cutting through the mix type of tone, consider setting it to 800 and boosting. To add some warmth try boosting the lower mids a little at 220. 450 will be useful for lowering mids to get a good scooped tone for things like slap or just kind of a Fender amp sound. Basically just play with it and see what you like! You’re lucky to have it, it’s a nice feature.

For gain: this is controlling the input level before preamp and EQ. Boost it if you want a little drive. You can balance the overall level with the master volume, so raising the gain there (and then lowering the volume) will give you a more driven, warm, and eventually overdriving sound. It will also accentuate the presence of your preamp. Leaving it lower and raising volume will leave a cleaner tone.


My Orange has a parametric EQ and I didn’t know much about it either. Couple of things that helped me learn some of that cool stuff @howard mentioned was:

1. Looper Pedal: Record a bass riff and loop it, then go nuts with the controls and see what you like! It’s pretty fun.

2. Try Extreme/Noticable Settings: For example, if I want to know what boosting lower mids sounds like, I’d try something like the picture below. Then in actual performing/recording I might use something more subtle. (I happen to love my mids :slight_smile: )