Need HELP!

Just wondering if anyone knows anything about a B1 four zoom drum machine, just purchased one, know it’s a cheap one but it’s for my personal use only. I’m Technology illiterate when it comes to the terms that is on the machine. Is there a way I can find this in Lehman terms? Help please! Thanks!Preformatted text


@Earthquake if you want a quick start guide to get you up and running. I just made one for you.

Press the rhythm button until the red light comes on.

Press the left black button to start the drums

Press the right black button to stop the drums.

Knob 1 controls the type of drum beat. Turn it all the way anti / counter clockwise until it reads GUIDE. Then rotate it clockwise slowly until it reads Rock1. That’s a good place to start.

Knob 2 ‘Count’ set to OFF

Knob 3 is tempo. Turning it clockwise increases the speed / tempo / BPM

Knob 4 is the volume.

That’s it enjoy.


Well done.


@Barney you are the man!


Excellent! Thank you Barney this is exactly what I needed ,I do appreciate your time and help


B1 zoom or beat buddy mini for bass practice?