Need reco for bass head to use with Headrush Pedal board

Hi! I currently have a headrush pedal board and a Hartke 4x10 cabinet. I am in need of a new bass head amplifier that will make the most sense to accompany the headrush pedalboard. I would appreciate any recommendations!

Thank you

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I would get one with an effects loop. You would plug the Headrush into the Return of the loop; this bypasses the preamp itself and just uses the power section.

Edit There’s also a few pedals out there that act as power amps, too.

Thank you! So would I go from the headrush “send” output into the amp fx loop “return” input? Or do I need to cables? One from output to amp and another one into fx return?

Appreciate your help:)

I was going to say you could but offer an alternative, but actually, this should bypass the Headrush’s speaker cab emulation automatically, which you would want to do since you are using a Hartke 4x10.

Bass Output → Headrush Input
Headrush FX Send → Bass Head FX Return
Bass Head Speaker Out → Hartke 4x10

(PLEASE use an actual speaker cable lol NO instrument cables despite looking the same in some cases)

As an alternative, you could plug into the input of an amp; set the controls as flat as possible.

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Thank you! Last question:)

Does the cable for Headrush FX Send → Bass Head FX Return have to be a speaker cable? Or an instrument cable?

I use a speakon to 1/4” for amp to cabinet
And an instrument cable for bass to headrush…

Thanks again!

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Instrument is fine for everything that power is not running though. Lol sorry, I only brought it up to be on the safe side/

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