Need some help for drums!

Hey! as much as I am in love with bass, drums are my primary instrument and I have a solo performance coming up soon. (my music school does this twice a year) and I need help picking a song that can show off my skills. I can play pretty much anything besides most jazz and anything with double bass just because I do not own one. The last song I did was Deserted Cities of The Heart by Cream and I definitely got the crowd reaction I was looking for. But now I dont know whether to stick to that type of blues or go more to my grunge roots. either way I need help picking an impressive drum song.

For drums I would recommend modern symphonic metal.

Same guy in his other band:

Hard to say what kind of skills you want to show off. YouTube styles show offs are a dime a dozen but it’s great with people who doesn’t play drums.

I probably would prefer tone and articulation than numbers of notes that can fit in one bar.

Here are 3 of my current favorites

Vinnie Colaiuta

Felix Lehrmann

Petra Janjic

Or you can pick any of Steve Gadd songs and you’ll be fine, lol.

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Not sure if it fits in your context (and if it will sounds good without a piano?) but I like this performance from Brian Viglione (among others) when he still played with Amanda Palmer (as The Dresden Dolls):

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i will be playing with a track so its a good suggestion!

Dream Theater has some nice drum fills :crazy_face:


While jazz in the wider sense, this is a funky tune and you can find many versions of it, but it should be really well-suited for some varied drumming - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.

Here is a version with Steve Smith:

And here is a version with Dave Weckl:

Another suggestion, which should allow for a lot of funky playing, is “Pick up the pieces” - soooo many versions you can find. Here is one with Candy Dulfer - well, because she’s Candy (as Prince used to say: “If I want sax, I call Candy!”)

But, yeah, as @Al1885 said - do you want to groove or play a million notes per minute?? :wink:

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No double bass :slightly_frowning_face:
Gonna suggest this one anyway because of the intro and Cozy Powell :star_struck: