Need tips for How to record when my band plays

Im playing i a band with own music. The problems for me is there are a few changes in the song her and there. And l can sometimes not remember what i played.
So i want to record and listen to it at home.
How should i record? What do i have to buy? One bass two gitarr and a drumer and a singer

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I use this. You can change the mic

The camera is ultrawide, but decent quality. The Audio aspect of this camera is by far best in the business.

If you have a smartphone with recording capability, use that!

I just use my phone in rehearsals.
I put it close to whatever instrument I most need to hear.
The recording quality and ability of the voice recorders on phones has gotten great so that it automatically limits the loudest sounds, and you can get decent reference recordings that way.

It’s easy, I always have it, it works, and I don’t usually forget it.