New Amp - Rumble 40

I really like this thing. Test drove it and a small Orange Crush amp for hours at Guitar Center today.

Asked politely if they could do better on the price; they could. Ended up paying around $175 for it.

Got out of there before I talked myself into getting that Squier Jazz on the rack. xD


I’ve got the rumble 40 studio myself. I wish I had gotten the one you have mine is a great sounding amp but there’s too many features it can be distracting. But a solid amp with plenty of sound.

What made you choose that over the orange? I’m really liking what I see with the orange crush?

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Well, I tried a couple practice amps when I was there.

They had a Carvin cabinet, an Acoustic, Ampeg, amomg others.

I tried quite a few. xD

It came down to the Fender Rumble 40 and the Orange Crush 50. The Orange Crush had a tiny bit more punch and thump (but not overly so to my ears), both amps had a pretty good sound.

I will say the OC had a better arrangement on the control dials, to include an on board tuner. Headphone jack is located on the top, which I like. I already bought a Korg GA-50 tuner, so thats pretty much a feature I don’t need. The Orange Crush had a prettier look, even though I had some nostalgia for the Fender cloth front (father had a Fender Twin that weighed about 9 million tons with that cloth front).

OC was $300, Rumble 40 was listed at $200. I really didn’t just want to cheap out and get the Rumble JUST because it was cheaper. They had smaller, cheaper amps there that really didn’t sound good at all.

I was banging away on both for at least a good hour a piece, with different adjustment. Tried a cheapo Jackson, Squier Jazz, and an American Pbass.

In the end, I decided it wasn’t worth the extra $100 for an extra 10w. Plus they were willing to work with me on the Rumble 40, not so much on the OC.

So, basically, because I was a cheapskate. xD

Both are good amps. Honestly, if money is no object, yeah, the Orange Crush was a better amp. If it was closer to $250 than $300, I’d have an Orange Crush sitting in my garage right now.


cool, thanks for the review. I need to go try both.

I really love the way Orange amps sound, myself. Especially their guitar amps but also their bass amps; they add more color and grit than Fender amps do IMO.

I will say the OC was better in the mids and highs, felt a bit brighter. Especially with that Fender Pbass. Very zippy. :slight_smile:

I did like it a lot. Probably when I step up in the gear department, I’ll probably look at the 100 watt 15" variant. More than likely, I’ll cruise the pawn shops for some older Ampeg or Peavey equipment.

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Yeah! Orange amps have this bright overdriven sound that I love. Their guitar amps just scream, very distinctive. Very Britrock. Some would say overrated, but I love them.