New band, first rehearsal


Hey Chad: glad you got a band thing going as well! I think my most recent ad was just pretty straight forward and included a lot of details- since with Craigslist you can get swamped with responses if you are too vague. I always give out our age ranges, level of experience, type of music we are playing (even a short set list of 5 or 6 songs). Also make a point to say its just a once a month rehearsal. I always ask people to let me know what their background is, level of experience, etc.

Probably 80% of my responses are usually very brief, such as “saw your ad, I am interested- hit me up.” No other info- so of course I normally don’t follow up with those. I will respond back to people that actually take the time to provide info, especially if they react positively to the specific music style.

For the ad looking for female vocalist, I think I even mentioned that no experience was required- and out of about 12 responses the one I went with had never sang with a band before. But she was very enthusiastic, said she has been singing her whole life and always wanted to be in a band. We’ve rehearsed twice now, and I think she is awesome. Of course if she showed up and things didn’t work out- really would not have been a big deal. I would have been diplomatic about it and followed up afterwards- then just made arrangements to try someone new at the next rehearsal.

The only limitation I see for you is: you might need to cast your net to a larger area. Nextdoor site was perfect when my little Beagle got loose and spent about 20 hours gone. The entire area was looking for her and thankfully she was located a few miles away the next day. (after crossing several major streets and busy intersections!) But I don’t know if you will be lucky enough to find a new band member that is right in your area. Nothing wrong with looking at people that maybe live 30-45 min away. You might be surprised at how far interested people might drive if they like the possible opportunity.

The 2nd guitarist that played at our last rehearsal actually drove 3.5 hours from Louisiana to Texas just to play with us! He was looking at Craigslist ads farther from home to try and find the right opportunity. I had 7 or 8 people that answered the ad, but thought I would give him a shot first. (he has family in Dallas so he was able to spend the night) He played great, but since the band has decided to start trying to play some open mic opportunities in addition to our once per month rehearsal- we mutually decided it just won’t work out. Most of those open mic gigs will be 3 or 4 songs- so not worth the drive!

Good luck to you, hopefully you will find a talented someone that is into what you are doing! (but you may have to kiss a few frogs first, haha)


Well, this is what I put up on Nextdoor:

Anybody sing and play guitar? Want to jam? The Cheddington garage band recently lost our singer/rhythm guitar player. Turns out that none of the rest of us can sing worth a damn. We get together once a week or so (if it’s not too hot) and play classic rock, alternative, a little grunge & some 90s stuff — Bob Seger to Foo Fighters to the Decemberists. If I have my way, we’ll add some rockabilly and a little punk, but that’s just me.

It’s more of an organized jam than a rehearsal… We’re not going to be playing Lollapalooza any time soon. Maybe a neighborhood cookout if we’re feeling ambitious.

There is beer involved (I probably should have led with that). And we are dads in cargo shorts, but it’s not a requirement :sunglasses:.

So, if you can play and sing at the same time and like this kind of music, let me know!


I posted on Nextdoor because we’re trying to keep it neighborhood specific. It’s a 400+ home subdivision, so there’s some hope we’ll get a bite. If that doesn’t work we’ll expand our reach.

BTW, please keep posting videos of rehearsals. They’re a lot of fun to watch.