New Bass Project; "I'm your Captain"

I’ve been doing this for over 40 years, every once in awhile I do something bonehead just to prove that I still can.

That being said, I still can.

When chris_van_hoven asked about the neck, I answered honestly as possible, still something didn’t look right.

This morning I put the import neck up against a fender Jazz neck for comparison…

doh, It’s a 30" short scale neck.

My only excuse is I’ve been working on other projects and I just didn’t notice. Kind of.

New 34" scale neck on the way.

My wife told me I had two problems… I don’t listen and something else.



EDIT: did you at least try the 30" neck? Any challenges to get the intonation right?

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Quite possibly need to move the bridge. 30” is the scale length, not the neck length :slight_smile:

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Yep! I even had some intonation issues when replacing the cheapo chinese bridge on my little Blackstar bass with a Fender highmass bridge.
The screws fitted perfectly, but intonation was way off, as those bridges are constructed differently.
I had to fumble a lot, but now it’s ok (not perfect though) … and I learned a lot about intonation in the process.

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Yes, I did. It moved the bridge almost to the rear Jazz pickup route.

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You are correct (as mentioned, I’ve been at this almost my whole life. Lol).

Trying to put a neck whose scale is 4" shorter on a full scale body would be a disaster.


Also, I am building a Moonshine Custom version of a Mustang bass.

The short scale neck is perfect for that one.


I just bought a Jazz bass body on another bass forum, It’s a body made of pauwlonia, a lightweight wood that has become an excellent subitution for swamp ash, it weighs 2.75lbs!

It came from someone who sells relic’d bodies and necks, on this particular one the finish didn’t come out very well, hence the sale at a really good price. Seeing how I’m going to paint it, I was happy to take it of off his/her hands.

Hopefully it and the new neck will arrive at the same time!

Does anyone need a purple Jazz body? Pay for shipping and it’s yours.


It’s been a minute, here’s a quick post to catch up.

This body is amazingly light, but that’s all that it has going for it. The screw holes for the neck are off as is the holes for the bridge/pickguard screws.

I ended up plugging and redrilling and now everything’s starting to line up.

I routed the body for the pickups.


I’m hoping to take this bass with me when I go visit my hometown the first week of June. High school reunion, it ought to be interesting.

There will be spontanious jamming with old friends, It is my hope that this bass will be up for the task.

This body was a mess, but I finally got things centered. The body had been relic’d previously, so idecide to go with that theme. I am still awaiting a 34" scale neck, reversed headstock and blocks and binding on the fretboard, hopefully it will arrive soon. In the meantime, I will go ahead and used the P styled neck. I am planning on painting the headstock to match the reversed headstock neck.

Once I had the pickup positions routed, I used alder to fill what was left of the original pickup routes. I then painted the body with satin black (nitro lacquer).

I have decided to paint the bass purple metalflake, not bass boat glitter (though I do love bass boat glitter), just a fairly deep purple with a nice bit of flake.

I’m having fun with this build, it’s surprising how many cool things that you can find in the paint section of your local automotive and/or hobby stores. All kind of glitters, flakes, candy colors, etc… Testors model paints has a line of lacquers in small aerosol cans (3 cans will paint a body) that has some amazing colors. Most auto parts stores carry some nice colors as well.

I used a few different aerosols to achive the color I was going for. Epiphone has a new Thunderbird coming out in purple flake (I will be buying one) and that is a really nice shade of of purple.

I mixed a few spray bombs and this is what I came up…

It’s a bit darker and I’m okay with that. Next comes topcoat and then the reilc’ing commences.


Looks really good. Did you strip the burgundy or just paint over it?

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Thanks, I left the burgundy on it, it was previously relic’d, though it wasn’t the greatest paint job. I sprayed it black first for the basecoat (over the burgundy), the I added light silver glitter coat, the purple glitter, a bit more silver and finally a translucent purple to darken it up.

Now I need to apply the top coat (nitro lacquer), once cured, I’ll wet sand, buff, t I will relic it. I’m not going to go crazy on it (maybe), but I want it to have some “worn through” places, such as the bevel area on the top where your arm would rest. Maybe a bit buckle wear on the back…


If you’re going to do the relic, it would be cool if you could see the different layers of paint. Little bit of wood, little bit of burgundy, little bit of black. Like the wear is showing the paint history.

I look forward to seeing how it turns out.


The blocked and bound bound neck with a reversed headstock showed up yesterday. For an fairly inexpensive import neck, it is decent. Most important, the neck is straight and the fretwork looks good.

I will have to do some reshaping around the heel, for some reason the heel area on this neck starts around the 13-14th fret (I’ve seen this on other import necks as well). I will also do some slight reshaping of the profile as it’s currently a bit chunky.

The headstock was a really bad impersonation of a Fender headstock. but I’m modifying it anyway. the maple wood grain is nice and the rosewood(?) fretboard has some cool figuring.

Pics soon.


Here is the new neck. I had time today to cut the headstock to my Moonshine specs, I’m in the middle of moving into my new location and my spindle sander is at the new place. I will clean it up this weekend.

On a side note, the grain on the fretboard looks Bitchin’.

This is where I will I need to recarve the heel…

The heel is also needs quite a bit of sanding to narrow it fit into the stock Fender neck heel, wth the binding on the neck, that will be a possible issue, I have a couple of ideas on how to address that. More to come.


Whoa that is amazing. I really dig it.


It’s an excellent wood for a body. Very lightweight and resonnant.

This is definitly not rosewood

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I beg to differ. I doubt that it is Indian Rosewood, but there are many different species.

From Wikipedia:

List of rosewoods[edit]

From Dalbergia species:

Other than Dalbergia species

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The neck fits! I will need to do a bit of sanding to make up for the finish that will be applied to the neck, I’m happy that I won’t have to do anything major.


As mentioned earlier, the Artec Mudbuckers have four leads, which allows for a number of different coil switching options. I found a really cool wiring diagram for a two humbucker guitar which is perfect for what I’m looking for.

Today I made templates for the rear routed control cavity. This consists of three templates; the control cavity, the inner cavity, and the control cavity cover. As of now, I have all of the templates made, plus I started the routing of the inner control cavity.

I hope to get to work on this some more before the end of the week. I’m going to a high school reunion (46 years!) on June 1st, and I want to bring this along to jam with.