New Bass Project; "I'm your Captain"

I had a chance to complete the routing of the rear cavity.

I also started reshaping the heel of the neck.

Hopefully, I’ll have the neck completed by this weekend. It’s coming together quickly.


@Moonshine have you ever done a neck with an oil and wax rub?

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I have used a variety of oil and or wax combinations over the years. There’s a company called General Finishes that makes an oil/urethane (I think) mix sealer and topcoat, both Tobias nand Greg Curbow used this in the 90’s. I’ve tried various oils, True Oil is popular, but I have always had issues with it, but I’m pretty sure that I am the problem. I’ve rubbed necks down with Johnsons Paste Wax, it makes for a really smooth neck.

My current favorite is Watco’s Danish Oil.


How does the final product differ between the True Oil, Paste Wax, and Danish oil?

The oil finishes end up pretty much the same, True Oil is used as a finish for gunstocks. As a whole, they are pretty durable and they can be built up to a very smooth and shiny finish. Paste wax feels realy good and fast, but not what I would call durable, it can be cleaned off and reapplied.

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I installed the 5 way switch and the two toggel switches, the cavity is small but everything fit.

The body is ready to continue with finishing. I have to shape the heel of the neck and paint the headstock. I’m making progress.



I used our new spray booth to finish the bass body, I had sprayed a few other pieces in it previously and had experienced a bit of blushing (moisture in the finish), but nothing horrible.

This time though, the temperature had increased and we have been experiencing more rain as we move into spring/summer.

To make a long story short, between the humidity and my unwillingness to give up on the theory of “If I spray more coats on it, it’ll get better”, I screwed it up. It ended up being a somewhat maroon color. Pretty bad. I think what did me in was the color that I came up with on the headstock, it came out with more of a blue/purple shade and I tried to make the body match.

The humidity situation left the finsihes under the surface undried. The only thing I can do now is strip the body.

We are installing an evironmental control system in the spray booth/final assembly area. We’re learning as we go.