New Bass Suggestion

After 6 weeks with my Squire Affinity Jazz Bass and some lessons, I know I do not like that bass. Basically, it’s heavy as hell. It is also neck heavy, and I tend to like the neck more upright, so the weight and gravity work against me. I knew eventually I’d want a better bass, but now I know that I need one. It makes no sense trying to learn with a handicap built in.

So, I’ve been to a Guitar Center, where I couldn’t’t try on everything Zi’m thinking of. I looked at a low en Ibanez - $209 or something. I immediately loved it. It was as light as can be and it fit just right. However, it is very entry level ands if I’m upgrading, I might as well do some upgrade. So, the have some Talman series which are short scale (I probably don’t want that) and Ibanez has a Talamn full scale, which they didn’t have to show me. So, anyone know about that one? As light or comparable to the intro? Better specs?

Then, there’s Yamaha. I think I tried the 174 and it felt better than the Squire, immediately. Not as light as the Ibanez. I didn’t look at the 234 and 434. If they are as light as the 174, they might be a good bet. In that case I’d problem invest to get the better hardware on the 434.

Finally, I think I want a Precision Jazz or just a Precision. I’m open to any suggestions.


The BB234 and 434 are heavier than the TRBX line (but lighter than a J-bass.) The Yamahas you probably want to look at are the TRBX304 and 504.

Ibanez also makes great instruments, and yes very light and easy to play. I recommend the SR300 or SR500e.


I love how my SR305r feels to play. I endorse this take. I have a Yamaha BB434 and it doesn’t have neck dive, but there’s definitely a point that’s near flat that it just comfortably sits, and I’m thinking about putting on lighter tuners.


The 300 has Humbuckers, and the 500 is 5 string. I’ll look at the 304 and 504.


The SR500e is a 4-string (also with humbuckers). The SR505 is a 5-string.

The TRBX304 and TRBX504 have humbuckers. The 504 has especially good ones.


The Ibanez sr200 was the first bass I bought for the course and I love it. I own five now, a lot more expensive and the Ibanez is still the one I use most because it’s light, easy to play and I don’t mind if it get dings and dongs wherever i play. …and the sound is good.

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Hello my friend! Ibanez for me has been the Bass I have liked for several reasons. The SR400EQM roughly $400-$500 instore with a case. Nice feel, light and the oil rub vs lacquer finish super sweet smooth and slim neck. As a beginner I am totally hooked. I tried the nice Fender P Bass as well as the Jazz. both seemed a bit neck heavy to me. I am new to Bass but am very attentive to small details. I now own 4 Ibanez Bass including an acoustic electric guitar, (Ibanez). As for myself, I am a regular working human person 54 years young now, I own a business. I could buy whatever I think is awesome. But I am a real person. I feel for the quality and light weight and insane sound form all 4 basses at the moment Ibañez at under 1k is pretty reasonable. My opinion, best option listening to all the posts about quality, is find the one that fits your hands and the sound you are trying to achieve.
Unless you are an experienced player, please go to a local shop and try as many as you can. Most dealers will help you.


Okay, thanks to all. I bought the Ibanez GSR 200, for a nice price of $279. I got $140 for my old Squire and 15 W amp. I am psyched. It fits me like a glove and feels great.

I also ordered the Fender Rumble Studio 40W. This will give me options of an onboard EQ with different doodads, for when I become more skillful.