New BassBuzz course?

First off, I apologise if this is a frequently asked question. I signed up with BassBuzz over a year ago but have never really used the forum.

Anyway, does anyone know if there is a new more advanced course in the works?

The beginner to badass course set such a great foundation for my playing and I have been getting better and better throughout the months playing songs that I love.

I love playing songs and all, but I miss clicking on my BassBuzz bookmark and learning new things everyday from a great teacher I can actually get through to me.

I know that’s sorta cheesy, but it brings me to my next point. I signed up for Scotts Bass lessons maybe a month after I finished the BassBuzz course, and my god… I could not keep my eyes open. I tried over and over and over again trying to get through a SINGLE course but I just couldn’t, I get bored within 15 minutes and just close the tab and feel disappointed with myself.

What I loved about Josh’s lessons is that he actually encouraged you to play along with him and got you playing bass.

Whereas Scotts lessons he drones on and on about a subject for 15 - 20 minutes then tells you to download a synth track and memorise scales.

His lessons are much more ‘professional’ I’d say, I feel like at a school or university…

With Josh’s lessons I feel like I’m having an actual 1 - 1 lesson with a teacher who wants to see you succeed.

With Scott I feel like I’m in a classroom, learning about subjects I don’t really care about.

But of course I care about it! I love bass and I do want to keep learning more and more… I just need the right teacher.

I’m not trying to make Scotts Bass Lessons look bad, that was just my personal experience with it. He has a course on anything you could ever want to know about Bass, but his style of teaching makes me lose interest almost immediately.

That’s just how I am, and I had the same experience at school. I could not concentrate no matter how hard I tried.

I can’t stand 15 minutes of Scotts lessons… But when I first started Beginner to Badass I worked my way through the course every single day, and once it was over I continued progressing on my own.

I know this was a bit of a ramble, I honestly didn’t expect to type this much… I’m just hoping that Josh is working on a new course that continues on from Beginner to Badass, he is the only teacher I have really been able to connect with.


Welcome, @joeisinlimbo !

You’ll find there are a several threads already here in this forum, which discuss what Josh should/could do in a follow-up course, and also what to do while you/we wait.

You’ll also find a lot of Scott Devine bashing - so you should feel right at home :wink:

The search tool (magnifying glass) is your friend to find all kind of contents here!

For what it’s worth, I get a lot of inspiration from SBL (but also from other places), and they have some unique contents (perhaps especially also stuff NOT taught by Scott himself!?!). Of course, we are all different, and you’d need to find a teacher you can relate to. Josh’s style and talent are unique and not easily found somewhere else.

Enjoy the ride!


Thanks for the welcome!

I’ve never used the forum but seems really friendly so I’ll probably stick around :))

And haha! I don’t mean to bash Scott, its just that his lessons seemed really promising but for me it was a snooze fest and I didn’t really get anything out of it. I paid a lot less for Josh’s course and got the best introduction to bass I could ever ask for… I’m a little annoyed at I pretty much threw my money down the drain but we live and learn!

Looking forward to Josh’s future courses and content :))


Short answer: Who knows?

Josh has stated in the relatively far past that he’d put out another course. That prospect seems dimmer with each passing day.

As has been discussed many times before, it’s relatively easy to pinpoint and present the specific techniques and basic music theory that every beginner needs to learn. It gets more tricky for teachers to determine what to teach as a follow-up to a beginner course, as every player is different, with different goals. The course topic possibilities are virtually endless.


I hear what you’re saying, honestly I never looked at it like that.

I notice that Josh rarely uploads on his channel, maybe 1 video a month or something like that? I assume he is working on bigger projects whilst trying to keep his Youtube viewership satisfied, whilst also bringing attention to his Beginner course.

I’m sure he will put out a new course in the future. I can’t imagine how many hours he put into the beginner one, never mind a more advanced one. So I guess we just need to be patient.

But like you mentioned, past the beginner stage there is a sea of information ready to be tackled. So it’s hard to imagine what subjects Josh will decide to include.

I’m looking forward to future projects regardless :))


Scott’s marketing is a bit intrusive. I have seen his platform plug a hundred times on YouTube. :nauseated_face:

Initially I was okay with him, now I can’t stand the guy lol. I’m sure he is doing a good job, but he doesn’t appeal to me at all.

Most people on this forum seem okay with Mark from TalkingBass for advanced/in-depth courses. Mark and Josh know each other too.


There are some BassBuzzers that like SBL. More power to 'em.

Scott is definitely a devotee of aggressive marketing, which is his right. It doesn’t appeal to me at all. I’m sure his business benefits from it, but there’s more than enough hype-ster crap in the world.

Good help - whether a plumber, a home contractor, or a bass teacher - is hard to find. It’s akin to finding a mate: what inspires love in one might not with another. Not a judgment, but a fact of life.

@JoshFossgreen is a rare duck in the world of online teachers. His extrovert personality, virtuosity, and obvious music and teaching knowledge uniquely set him apart from others. Long may he wave. :wave:


One of the workers at SBL touched on the amount of emails they send. Their reasoning is simply that they are a business trying to make money. An intense business strategy? yes, but a business strategy nonetheless.

One thing I don’t like about his advertisements is that he says that ‘online music education’ is a problem… My dude, every song I have ever learned has been through Youtube… The free BassBuzz videos on Youtube are absolutely amazing!

It’s sorta funny he says that because the free Youtube videos he puts out are either clickbait, or 10 minutes longer than they have to be because he rambles on and on.

The ads and emails he makes are just fear-mongering, that’s the only thing that annoys me.

SBL is great and is filled with amazing content for bass players… but personally it just isn’t for me.


I would definitely pay for a simple follow up mini-course that just does the slow / medium / fast workout videos with whole songs (rather than just a small section of a song as with the original lessons).

Seems like that would be the best step forward anyway; to just start jamming along to famous songs, with the beat rulers / sheet music and slow / fast template we are already accustomed to.

Not so?


Right there with you, man.


I’d love that too, but I think there are copyright issues with that… That’s why the 50 first songs only includes the bassline and nothing else :confused:


That’s a good idea, but the problem is: which songs?

Josh picked the ones he used in B2B pretty cleverly: The snippets he cited demo’ed specific theory or techniques. Plus, they were short and punchy, i.e., memorable. The boy is slick.


They performed on the cruise ships together.


I’m one of those who would lay down a wager that Josh WILL NOT create a follow-up course. What would he cover in one course that would be of interest to the masses? That’s why TalkingBass has such a smorgasbord of different courses. I think Josh must realize he would have to create something similar, and what an undertaking that would be.
BassBuzz has made it’s mark as THE BEST entry level course on the net, and Josh needn`t venture outside of that realm.


Exactly. Offering a cool course covering the ABC’s of bass playing is one thing. There will always be a beginner market. It’s the “write once, publish many” business approach that is damn hard to argue with.

Attempting to do what Mark Smith has done over the last nine years with his voluminous course offerings and hundreds of free videos would be an all-consuming commitment for anyone, AND it would be trodding over covered ground.


You mean they send an email a day to everyone?!
I thought I was special :confused::joy:


You are! I’m going to program my email client to forward all emails from SBL to you. :smiley_cat:


Yeah, copyright is an issue. However plenty of other people are doing it on platforms far more visible (like YouTube).

Nate Navarro does some good play alongs for instance:

It would be nice to get them in the BassBuzz format though.


I would expect Josh to stick to just YouTube or maybe start livestreaming before he makes a new full course. Times have changed and that’s the way now.


Haha! I find his emails slightly entertaining to read because he REALLY tries to make it out like he is talking to you personally, it’s pretty funny.