New Darkglass Microtubes B1K

Microtubes B1K – Darkglass Electronics

It’s a B3K with a different design and 134 euro price tag. Haven’t found them available in the US yet.

The website says it’s the first of anew pedal line up.

New Patrick Hunter video demo.
ALL Of The Darkglass Power & Grit In A TINY Package!


I’m not a big fan of those mini-pedals, but it’s cool to see a Darglass product at a decent price :slight_smile:


@terb What are they trying to sell by saying it’s a CMOS bass overdrive? CMOS as opposed to what?

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I have wondered that myself; I could think of two possibilities. First is disclosure (since “tubes” are in the name but it is all solid state). The second is to differentiate it from being a digital effect.


CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) is a type of electronical component normaly used in computers, and made for digital electronics applications.

what’s fun is that it can be used to generate a clipping in an analog signal, and it has its own sound. it’s a very “clear” clipping, very articulate.

it’s opposed to other components used for clipping in pedals and amps : tubes, transistors, operational amplifiers, diodes, FETs (Field Effect Transistors, MosFETs (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) … which all has different audio properties.

actually I like this approach of using a components for something different from what it has been created, it’s a kind of hack.

pure marketing naming here, obviously there is no tube

yeah : it’s an analog effect which uses a digital component :slight_smile:


Thanks @howard and thanks @terb for the in depth response.


159 euro now :sweat_smile:. I do fancy this pedal and price tag. Might even get a spot on my pedalboard, but only if it is small enough. So I am guessing we get the most popular products in a small form factor?


I want more DG plugins :slight_smile:


Yes please! They just need to port the e500 effects :face_with_monocle:
Or give us bass archetypes.


Bass archetypes would be awesome.


… something the marketeers can put on the outside cause there is not much to say on this one and to make it seem cooler for people that have no clue what a CMOS is. Most people don’t know what it is or means, but they like to see it and say it.

My B7K does not say CMOS, cause it has a lot of other things to say on it, lol.

I once again go back to ‘fine Corinthian Leather’.


I still want one :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


But, why, why, why put some of the controls on the inside? I don’t get that at all. Seems like a PIA…

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Agree, and dislike this whole thing in general unless its a pedal like the C4 with zillions of things you can do inside. Putting a few things inside to save a buck is annoying to me.

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I think it’s more of a set and forget kind of pedal

if that was the case, then why have the dials on it?

Just speculation, but it’s just volume and distortion level on the outside knobs. It doesnt seem as if this was designed to offer alot of adjustment options while in use, especially on stage. I think for that DG expects that you would use B3K. Depending on what they price this at, I could still find value in the B1K. Plus it is tiny!

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sometimes, a few internal controls make sense. for example, some pedals allow you to choose if the switch is buffered or not, it’s something you choose once and then you forget it. But in the case of this B1K, I agree with you : I would hate not having the pots in front of me.


Yeah. DG pedals are not the most “fire and forget” types. Too many good sounds in them.

That’s why you got different flavours of the pedal. If you need EQ or want more controls you just have to spend more money… Darkglass gear is expensive so with this you also open a market for people with less budget or for those who want to keep it simple.

This is a great business model for them and most likely one the reasons why they don’t release plugins (yet). Can’t say for sure tho because I don’t know what Doug Castro is thinking :laughing:

The used market is a great option too, but you still pay more for the B7K iirc.