New DG amp

More of DG trying to be not just for metalheads, it seems. I’m here for it :+1:

as expected pricey :expressionless:


I mentioned this in the GAS thread. Because I definitely want and GAS for one.

And yes, pricey, $1000 and no footswitch :joy:

But it does a whole heck of a lot for that price, too.

Maybe by the time I am ready it’ll come in black, and/or 750-1000W :eyes: (yes 500 is plenty with enough speakers…)

Edit I really hope they don’t drop the ball on the footswitch and not have the effects loop switchable on/off. That would be a shame…


This may stereotype me but when I saw DG amp, for just a second I asked myself, “Why is Dollar General selling amps?”…just shoot me now.

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