New left-hand bass

Hi all!

My electric bass (Ibanez SR300EL) with which I practice Josh’s lessons is at work (artists workshop where I spend most of my time). At home I have a cheap electro-acoustic. If I practice at home in the evening, even through amp with headphones on, there’s still sound coming from it. So I’m considering getting a new electric bass to practice at home.

Anyone has any experience with these models? they’re within my budget.

Fender Player Precision Bass Left-Hand MN
Fender Player Jazz Bass Left-Hand PF
Squier Classic Vibe '70s Jazz Bass Left-Handed MN
Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Left-Handed IL

Thanks for any feedback!


I used to have a Fender Player Precision (right hand) and wish I hadn’t sold it. I really liked the tone and the way the neck felt. I would imagine the Jazz Bass version would be just as nice. I also had a Squier Classic Vibe Jazz Bass but it was a 5 string. Fender/Squier 5 string necks are too wide for me but their 4 string necks are great.


I have a Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar. I got it in a trade, and am actually selling it (sorry, not lefty, not on your list anyway, but seeing as how hard it is to find, not sure you could come up with a lefty)

I traded a Epiphone Junior (budget SS Les Paul) guitar that I paid $30 for back in Jan. After not useing it much, and getting more and more Basses, I put it for sale about a month ago at $75.
In the add I said “possible trade for a bass, pedals, recording equipment, etc…”
Well, after one lowball Offer for the break even amount of $30, someone asked if I would take a Squire bass. I said sure. I was expecting a basic P bass, or a SS one, anything just cheap and plain, but what I got was a like new vintage modified black on black jaguar.

I did not expect to care too much for playing it, always hearing about the blocky necks on p’s and J’s. What I found was it was nothing like that, it was narrow, thinner then expected, and quite playable. I didn’t expect to care too much for it, being an ESP LTD, Schecter and Ibanez, and Sterling StingRay kind of guy. Well, I quickly learned that I could be a Squire / Fender guy too.
As to not get too attached to it, I have not played it too much, and after getting another bass after it, I now have decided to sell it (along with my GSR200 Ibanez that I got first).
Here was another please t surprise.
I started looking them up, to see if I could get $175 out of it, thinking it to be a $199, maybe a $224.99, maybe even a $249.99 bass Brand New out of the music shop. Well, I quickly learned that not only is it higher then that, that it is pretty hard to find (around me, or online here in USA).
The Squire Classic Vibe Jaguar is quite easy to find, and also carries a retail price up to $399.99 new, but the Squire Vintage Modified, is not so readily available, and is sold used between $339.99 up to $450. and I have found 4 of them which can come with hefty shipping fees.

So, I listed it for $300 a few days ago. I have had many people favor it, and a few inquiry’s so far. One wad $150, which I humbly rejected. That same guy came back the next day and said he would drive an hour to come pick it up right then If I would sell it for $200. I told him lowest I would Go was $250, and He said “wish I could”
I decided to test him, see if he is just a reseller, or pawn shop guy. I went back to him today, the day after him saying that. I said, “do you have anything to trade for the difference”
He replied, Hello, May I ask what difference?
I said, well, You said you wish you could get the bass for $250. I wanted to help you get it, seeing if you had anything to trade to make up the difference between the $200 cash, and the $250 selling price, but maybe I misread what you meant saying “you wish you could” and you meant rather “you won’t pay fore then $200”.

He replied how he would only pay $200, he is not a musician, he is a 62 year old man trying to learn to play.So I test him further.

There are plenty of basses new for $200 and less that are great for beginners, in fact I am selling one that cost $199 new, for only $125. Maybe you should consider those to learn on instead of a $400 bass.

Now he shows his true colors and says.
“I can see finger wear on the fretboard showing the bass Has been played for a long time. I played bass in the 70’s and I want to re live my time, good luck”

So I reply.
Well, very recent play only, it is worth $350-$400 easily which it seems is the only reason you are after it for $200, best of luck to you.

Anyway, I do like it. I know it’s not the exact model you listed. It is on the heavier side, but the neck feels great, and that’s what counts to me, that and sound.

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Thanks for your answers / tips.
I decided to go with the Fender Player Jazz Bass.


Hi @rolltide1966,
If you like a thin neck I would be going for the jazz bass as they are heaps narrower in the neck than a p-bass.
I will upload a pic this afternoon showing my p-bass next to the j-bass.
Cheers Brian


Hi @Miguel_F,
See my post below, it comes back to what you like, thin neck or fat neck.
Cheers Brian


Thanks @b.s.excavations. I have a 4 string jazz bass and you are right, the neck is wonderful. My problem with the 5 string was its width across the fingerboard. I think they are 1-7/8" at the nut. For me that was a little too wide. Of course, in the end it all comes down to preference. Which is why it’s so fun to try out different instruments. And why I spend too much time on the Multiple Bass Disorder thread. :grin:


Thanks! Indeed, I prefer a thin neck. Order placed.