New Muse song Pressure


This one is a helluva workout! lol. Fun to play to but so far I cant make it through without left hand waving the white flag. Plenty of rests in the song but the “Dont push me” part kills me. Its just a bunch of eighth notes but its very long and has lots of changes, finger rolls, and passing notes. Tempo seems kinda fast too. Fingers get tangled lol.


UPDATE…Be careful of people u dont know posting bass tabs on youtube… The tab I learned from was Wrong. The chorus is still a hand burner but not as complex as the dude who made the video titled “The CORRECT way to play Pressure by muse (everyone plays it wrong)” made it. Didnt notice but 8 people commented and told him he had it wrong LMAO


Haven’t heard it, I’ll check it out!

And yeah, beware of bass tabs online, their creators may not really be that much more qualified to make them than you are!


There should be required warning labels on the internet. This is one of them. Other ones - cooking blogs that just post recipes from cookbooks by chefs? “Warning: I just copied someones’ recipe. And then printed it here. I shouldn’t have a blog. Don’t read this. Get a cookbook.”


Very True lol. There is usually a certain kind of logic (Most of the time lol) with most basslines. I became suspicious when this dudes tab morphed into something that I had a hard time believing Wolstenholme would write. Especially considering that he would have to play this line ad nauseum a million times over and over lol.