New Rumble 500 or used Markbass Ninja 102-500

I’m (hopefully) about to join my first small local band, and I’m currently amp-less (using a Fender Mustang Micro headphone amp). I don’t really know what sort of rehearsal rooms and eventually hopefully gig venues I’ll be playing in, so I’m thinking go loud enough not to need to replace the amp before long.

There’s a used Markbass Ninja 102-500 that looks in good condition on Facebook Marketplace near me for exactly the same price as a new Fender Rumble 500 at my local music shop (580 GBP). Which would you say would suit me better? Anything I should look or listen for in particular if I go and check out the Markbass? Any other suitable options for me in that price bracket?

Thanks all!


That seems like a tough decision to me, @pete_b . . . :thinking:

Both appear to be identical in wattage, have same speaker sizes, and both will give the full 500 watts IF you connect an external speaker cabinet to them.

Both the same price, too?

Over here in USA, a new Rumble 500 is ~$600 USD and a new Markbass is ~$1000

If you buy new you get a warranty, if you buy used you save money. . . I have the Rumble 100 and I would buy the 500 if I wanted to upgrade, but have no experience with the Markbass.

If you can try out the Markbass with your own bass, that might be helpful to you. I’d check the speakers for any damage or anything loose or rattling.

I’m sure that others will chime in with their suggestions . . . :slight_smile:

Good luck in making a decision!



My basic philosophy is to never buy new gear unless you absolutely have to. This is a prime example of why - much better value proposition, and someone else has already taken the depreciation hit. The second a new amp is delivered, it’s used anyway, and your resale value just tanked off the price you paid for it. Much better for someone else to take that hit.

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Sound is king here but if you can’t compare the two I’d go for the used Markbass. If you don’t end up liking it you can recoup all your $$$ or most all Vs the hit you will take on the Fender as @howard states. There is not a losing scenario with the markbass that can’t be fixed. Not so with the $$$ hit on the fender. And later you might find that fender used if the markbass doesn’t work out.


You can’t go wrong with both. Maybe you can compare the sounds on YouTube to figure out what you like?

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Very similar specs, similar weight but different shapes & dimensions… Will both fit in your car if you need to haul them to a gig?

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Thanks all - I picked up the used Markbass this evening. It’s massive! At least 30% bigger than I was expecting :sweat_smile: It’s light though and it does fit in my car boot (trunk) though, so all good.