New StingRay - Tim Commerford Series

Hey guys!

EBMM announced today the new artist series, the Tim Commerford StingRay Bass, with options on a passive, active, string through and with ramps.

Just 50 units will be produced, costing US$2999.00, and the description is:

Welcome to the Tim Commerford Artist Series StingRay collection. These brand-new limited-edition Ernie Ball Music Man instruments were designed in conjunction with Tim Commerford, the legendary bassist of Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, and his newest project, 7D7D. Tim has been a part of the Ernie Ball Music Man family for many years, and this collaboration is the natural evolution of his enduring passion for the StingRay bass. With active and passive options for both short-scale and full-scale, you’re sure to find the right match for your playing style. The passive full-scale and active short-scale models deserve special consideration, as Music Man has never before offered these configurations.

Over the last 30 years, Commerford has perfected his signature sound, playing many passive and active basses. The ability to have both full and short-scale, active and passive basses in one collection gives Tim the tools required to reproduce the sounds made famous throughout his career.


I thought he plays on Jazz Basses


I had seen that He started with stingrays, the first album was stingray, but switch to jazz bass at some point later, that’s what I see on live performances
I’m not sure that this goes beyond a collection item

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He started with StingRays up to the firts Rage album, then switched to Fender Jazz… and did lots of modifications on pickups, necks and other stuff… then he went with Lakland when recording 2nd and 3rd Audioslave albums, when he switched back to StingRay for Prophets of Rage… and has been using it since then, for 7 (?) years now…


Endorsements are funny things.
Many think its the artist saying ‘this is the best instrument’, but more often than not its 'this instrument does the job…and its FREE.

When an artist switches endorsements, it might be a sound/feel thing, but they might be just cheap.

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Hey, they also get paid! It’s more than a free instrument… no different than athletes wearing certain shoe brand

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I second that.

Probably EBMM reached out to him, asked what are his preferred specs and offered instruments plus cash to have him endorse it.
And that increase their sales.

I’m loving that short scale active stingray bass. Wish I had 3k. To spend on that bad boy. One can only dream. Going to wait to see what models they come out with in 2022 after NAMM.

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I’m with you on this one!!:+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Would like to see some active stingray short scale bass. Hopefully in some kind of transparent color and under 3k. That’s what I’m wish for.

In today’s video, Tim explained why he went with Music Man and StingRay.

(The link starts right at this part of the interview, but the whole video is really worth it!)

I was just reading the specs and noticed that this bass comes with Regular Slinky Strings:

Strings 50w-70w-85w-105w (Regular Slinky Bass #2832)

And this is Tim’s choice since all the other EBMM basses come with Super Slinky strings. Good to know if you’re not going to buy this bass but would like to get the same tone as Timmy C.