New Strings time

18 months on old set so felt some new strings were in order. I love the red binding with the black machine heads.


I just put TI Flats on my Jazz and put Fender flats on my LTD P/J. Flats enhanced the sound and playability of both. I am totally sold on flats.


My favorite rounds. Zing zing! Enjoy them.

And Geddy Lee’s too, but who the hell is he to opine on anything bass :rofl:


I just got in some DR Hi beams 40-100. First impression is WOW! Super slinky, smooth to the touch and sound great. Probably on par with my TI Jazz rounds in feel and ease of play. And they were not $93.00 like the TI’s. May have found my favorite all around strings for the time being.


Good to know. I haven’t purchased any DR’s yet, but was gravitating towards the Sunbeams since they are nickel. I may try the Hi-Beams on my Sandberg VM2 when I use up the strings that came with it. Would love to avoid the $93 price tag!


For those flatwound lovers don’t underestimate GHS flats for a very retro tone at a lower price tag and a very soft surface. On the brighter side Rotosounds which are a bit stiffer and more textured but once played in have a great tone. I have Rotosounds on my G&L which is way to bright with rounds for my taste but fine with those and GHS on my Mustang, very woody.


I really like the Rotosound 77 flats, the monel strings. Really a fan of their brightness.

I have LaBella’s on my Schecter Corsair, and am about to switch them out for GHS Boomers as it’s a bit too flat in the tone for me. I haven’t tried GHS flats yet but probably will at some point.


I watched a string comparison video where a guy played several string brands back to back, using different techniques, and DR Sunbeams were very impressive to my ear. I imagine DR Hi-Beams are equally good for getting a brighter tone.

I’m going to grab some of each.


For the price, they will be hard to beat. They play as well as my Jazz rounds at 25% of the price. The reason they are so easy to play is they are roundwounds on a round core.

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Yep, I play only round core rounds.

I just ordered from Amazon (this is last Prime Day!).

Got some DR Sunbeams & Hi-Beams. Some D’Addario NYXL, too.

Looking forward to trying them all out.

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I have a set of GHS precision flats that I took off my P-bass. Whend my friend ships over Stingumathing from overseas, I will try them on that.

Very smooth, very chocolate is what I’d call them.