New Strings to Re-Invigorate Playing

I haven’t been playing much bass lately, so I’m trying to kick myself back into gear. As a change of pace, I just ordered myself some La Bella Deep Talkin’ flats for my Aerodyne P/J.

Hopefully I didn’t make a mistake, LOL.


If you like flats, they should work well for you.


I put the tapewound on my Aerodyne and I love it. I’m not a big fan of flats in general. I do have a them on a few of my basses.

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Personally, I prefer rounds on a PJ, but tape rounds are a good blend of roundish feel with mellower tone.

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I have Labellas on a couple of my Aerodynes, one with tapes and a few with rounds. They are all great.

The flats on the Aerodynes sound damn good to me.

I recently put flats on my P-bass.
Something I thought I’d never do.
It sounds real good.
Much brighter than I expected, and the feel of the whole instrument is new enough that it makes playing pretty fun.

Make sure you have a piece of foam or cloth ready to shove down by the bridge so you can achieve maximum dead/muted/funk-brothers tone! It’s quite fun.