New tuners PLUS Hipshot Bass Xtender on Sire Marcus Miller U5

Hello my friends,

I got a new Sire U5 and this one is very likely a keeper. Or so I hope.

As I play mostly standard EADG tunings but sometimes Drop D as well, I would like to put a Hipshot Bass Xtender on my U5.
If it’s not too expensive I think about changing all tuners to either something lighter or better looking (I kind of like the Gotoh GB707).

I am looking for a good/cheap solution that does not involve drilling the tuning peg holes.

Any ideas?


Just tune the E string to D or Eb. It doesn’t take much effort. Too lazy? Just get one of this and set up your preset to drop tuning.

I like mine, though I preordered mine before release and first batch issues they were nice enough to replace it for me. It’s a cool gadget to have with multiple instruments.


You know all gadgets :slight_smile:

I am really in love with my Hipshot Bass Extender on my Blackstar. Just need to flip a switch to toggle between standard EADG and Drop D.

It’s mechanical, it’s easy, it’s perfect!

It’s not that I do not like everything nerdy, especially if it has a display (I do!!!), but in this case I want to stick with what I know.

So I am looking for the dimensions of the peg wholes and a possibly fitting Bass Extender.
The GB5 Bass Xtender possibly fits, but you can’t get it anymore :frowning:


Well the heart wants what the heart wants. I don’t really use drop tuners, I have them on a few of my basses but it’s easier to drop tune the songs or the entire tune of the 4 strings better yet just play with my 5 string.

A few of the guns’n’roses songs I like I just drop tune the audio track that’s what I’ll be playing on a gig anyways.


I gave up my thoughts about 5 strings in favour of a fretless bass.

I do have some songs I play in Drop D, namely:

  • Killer ^ Seal [Drop D].song
  • She Drives Me Crazy (V3) ^ Fine Young Cannibals [Drop D].song
  • Angry Chair ^Alice in Chains [Drop D].song
  • Asking For It ^ Hole [Drop D].song
  • Would ^ Alice in Chains [Drop D].song
  • Empty ^ Garbage [Drop D][Original].song
  • Another Brick in the Wall ^ Pink Floyd [Drop D].song
  • Ava Adore (V1) ^ Smashing Pumpkins [Drop D].song
  • Dead and Bloated ^ Stone temple Pilots [Drop D].song
  • I think I’m Paranoid ^ Garbage [Drop D].song
  • Rooster ^Alice in Chains [Drop D].song
  • Silence Is Golden ^ Garbage [Drop D][Issue@end].song
  • Song 2 ^ Blur [Drop D].song
  • Renegades of Funk ^Rage against the Machine [Drop D].song
  • Suck ^ Nine Inch nails [Drop D].song
  • Polly (MTV Unplugged version) ^ Nirvana) [Drop D][Optimized].song
  • Black hole sun (V1) Soundgarden [Drop D].song
  • Blue Jeans (V1) Lana Del Rey [Drop D].song
  • Did you know that theres a tunnel under Ocean Blvd ^ Lana Del Rey [Drop D].song
  • Mans Too Strong The (V1) Dire Straits [Drop D].song
  • Candy ^ Iggy Pop [Drop D].song

So it’s either a Bass Extender or a 2nd short scale. And a 2nd short scale means: no fretless :frowning:

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Oh wow! Soon you’ll need a shed, lol. :joy:


Soon I really need a shed - where I will live with as many basses I want, according to my girlfriend :slight_smile:


This is the way.


You could always try BEAD tuning, how much do you need a G string?


You could always just tune down manually, takes seconds at most and you get very accurate very fast. Unless you’re planning on Berthoud-like gimmicks of changing the tuning mid-song, or plan on playing live with very little time between songs (which granted is definitely a thing for punk at least), there’s really little point in the Xtender IMO.

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Of course : laziness! I use my bass extender really a lot!

I hate the g string! But then g just becomes d…

If I’m in the same boat and play a lot of drop tuning songs and have multiple basses. I’d just either install one xtender and/ or tune one to the desired tuning.

Seriously, I’d make the Kubicki X Factor my first priority bass, :laughing:



We are not in comparable life situations :slight_smile:

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