Next Generation of Players

It seems like a lot of us have kids who play and sometimes who play live. I thought a thread to post some of those performances and/or music could be fun.

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We have a program through one of the local music/lesson stores called Rock Band League. It puts groups together and arranges a couple of venues for them to play. My son (bass)has been in it for the last 4 years or so. Here’s a couple of links to some of their last few performances.

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Nice!! He knows how to be just a little off of the center of attention. Good playing. Looks like he stole many scenes from the singer, :rofl: that’s always a good thing.

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I can’t get my daughter into the bass. She learning the piano and is also having singing lessons.

This was three or four months ago, it’s called Sneaky Business. I did put a bass line to at one point, but the sound recording isn’t good enough.

She’s working on some new pieces at the moment, which I really should video.


Thanks, I feel like their whole group has a lot of talent. Drummer is really good, Singer has a great voice, esp for a 15/16 yr old. Lead guitarist is in a different metal band that seems to be playing a lot and getting busier. Rhythm guitarist has gotten better and better both on vocals and guitar. It’s kinda sad, most of the band are seniors going to different colleges. Probably some of their last performances together are linked above…

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Cool video, loved the end when she was excited to get through it, sounded great. I feel like anything music related or not that gets them doing something other than scrolling through their phones is worth encouraging…