Nicks and Dings, oh my!

How do you treat the nicks and dings on your basses? I tried an artist’s white eraser on the white laminate cut-out on my bass. It did nothing to the what appears to be a black scratch. The black paint on the body of my bass has two pits in it. Is there a paint? Fingernail polish? Sharpie ? Or are these things just proofs of actual play? Girl Scout Badges on Bass? I am not delicate, and I am a full-time dog-sitter. Today’s daycare dogs tripped me up (I always play standing because I am “sitting” :wink:) and then they refused to let me turn on my amp. It resulted with my bass and I being thrown around with 5 dogs like a bunch of pin-balls in a machine and…I am not playing​:weary: This, too shall pass.


my solution : I absolutly don’t mind.


@terb, what a relief. I just needed to reach acceptable!:laughing:

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Ha! The P-bass I use is a road worn bass.
Brand new, but I paid extra because someone took the time to put fake nicks and dings in it.

As for the rest of my instruments - I love how worn they get. Enjoy it!


Why, @Gio, I am now tickled to death that I am making my bass shabby chic! I feel so much better about the bitter experience. I think you could recreate my amazing DYI skills by tossing back a strong drink and then throw ball bearings on your kitchen floor. Put on your base and walk into said kitchen. Voila, all the great knicks and dings you associate with playing gigs, in one fell swoop!


My bass was pristine when I bought it and I scratched it literally the first day I played it. I think of it as “personalization.”

It’s just a minor scratch but I laughed out loud when I did it, like “nice work, dumb@ss!” :smile:


Oh I’m ‘precious’ alright, but once the damage is done I’m fine with it. Of course there is a world of difference (IMHO) between ‘damage’ and a ‘ding’: if it doesn’t change how it plays then I’m not going to get too upset, but I’m also not going to be careless.

Think of it this way; once it has a boo-boo you can be more relaxed about it.

With regards to having dogs around while playing; mine were more at risk of having me step on their paws if I got a bit carried away - or rolling my seat over their tails. On a serious note, I was aware that playing loud wasn’t good for their sensitive ears so there was an extra benefit when I switched to headphones.


My dog likes to lay and listen until I start plucking out notes on the “E” string - then he starts barking and going nuts!! He does the same damn thing when ever I’m listening to ANY Led Zeplin music!

I to have reverted to using a headphone while playing my bass with him around…

Keep on Thumpin’!


Just having the amp on the floor, all the dogs get jumpy!:joy:Then, if I relax and start moving, they play and try to bark over the amp!:weary::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::sob: @PeteP Lanny, do your dogs like or hate Pink Floyd?