Nirvana baby gets case tossed

So, the Nirvana cover isn’t kiddie pr0n after all and Spencer Elden doesn’t deserve huge damages from band members and Cobain estate executors. The judge tossed the case (though he did leave 10 days to refile with fixed errors).

I may have sympathized with Spencer Elden, had he not previously built a career of being the “Nirvana Baby”.


I’ve never thought much of the suit. Literally no one would ever know it was Elden on the cover if he didn’t bring it up.




Streisand effect.

He can’t be too bothered by the image because his attempt to sue has brought way more attention to it and just made people think he’s just a greedy twit.


Never thought that it was much more then a “Lets see if I can get any money” kinda lawsuit.

For those of you in my particular age group, remember the “Mom’s Apple Pie” album cover?
It caused a little grumbling and they eventually changed the cover but it never resulted in a lawsuit.

Just sayin’.

It isn’t (hopefully), but there’s been no ruling on that. He just missed a deadline, and can carry on with the case if he wants.

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