No church gig. Low interest. Cabin fever?

Hello to the nicest group of musicians on the internet, and I’d bet in real life, too!!
Last year I had posted how excited I was about being asked to play bass at my church. I played for a praise group called “Grace On Fire” for 13 years before a litany of unfortunate events (Covid and death of our praise leader, to mention just two) ended that gig. My wife and I switched to my mother’s parish because my mother needed help getting to and from Mass. There was a notice in the church bulletin that the music minister needed a bassist. Through emails and a face-to-face, I was invited to be the group’s bassist starting in November. Then, nothing. No rehearsal schedule. No song lists. No “Looking forward to you being in the group.” So, that gig is kaput! Sadness.
Then, just before New Years, I organized all my music in my two huge binders: 1. My “Grace On Fire” binder with Mass parts, all the Psalms, and almost 300 praise songs, wedding songs, and secular songs we played during benefit concerts. 2. Binder with my Carol Kaye books, walking bass lessons, jazz standard lead sheets collection, rhythm studies, my own walking bass lines.
My plan was to take a jazz standard and write lines using various rhythm patterns based on the chord changes. My goal was to improve internalizing jazz standard chord changes while becoming fluent reading bass lines with different rhythm patterns.
Unfortunately, I haven’t touched my StingRay 5 or looked at my music since before New Years. I could easily blame it on being upset about not getting the church gig and, what we call in Michigan, “cabin fever”, but I think it’s just unconscious “down time”, (retired special ed. teacher, degree in psychology), before I get motivated to get back into my music.
I’m not complaining, just explaining. Bass Buzz offers rays of sunshine and warmth during the gray Michigan winter days, so I know all of your posts will be my guide back to indulging myself in the delights of playing bass!
Thank you for letting me bend your ears!!!


Try a different instrument, even if just for a while. It might reignite your passion.


We all need some down time. Life can be overwhelming and make us feel that we are stuck. You will rise and prevail. Finding the platform to launch from may seem illusive, but you will find it.

Isaiah 43:19

Take care and look up.


I always find that the way back is the way unexplored unless I’m hit by inspiration. Being primarily a worship guy as well I find that sometimes the answer is in something I haven’t done. For some people they pick up a guitar or play piano. But if you’re looking for bass specific motivation…… how about a genre of music you’ve never tried? Doesn’t have to be secular music. There’s amazing worship stuff in every category from hip hop to punk rock to hardcore and metal. Hardcore wasn’t what I expected to fall in love with. Especially a band called Sleeping Giant. Maybe try some genre jumping and see if it tickles the feels at all? Just a thought!

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