NonFender Pbass

I have a real Pbass, but wasn’t made by Fender!

This is Mr. Rogue My Generic Pbass. I don’t have one complete split coil pickup. I separated both coils. Then used a 250K push pull volume pot, and a 250K tone pot. With a .68uf capacitor. (I’m thinking that it’s a bigger value capacitor.) To give me the option of series or parallel playing. Plus my coated neon orange strings.

P.S. I won’t use round wound strings. Unless they are coated somehow. Basically I have 3 basses, and two guitars.
My basses consists of a 1974 japanese Harmony H906 medium scale bass, and two Rogue basses. An older series three 5 string, and my absolute favorite my generic Pbass. A Rogue SX100B, and I only paid $30 for her. Already had the potentiometers, capacitors, etc…

Then my two guitars are a 2002 Indonesian made Squier Mini Stratocaster, and a Chinese made First Act ME80 Walmart Special electric guitar. Here’s a picture of my Walmart Special with a 2200uf capacitor.

Also only 3 strings in stalled


It’s huge. The usual values are between .02 and .1uF , the sweet spot being at .047 or 0.68 in my opinion.


Exactly, I’ve seen .22,. 33, etc. I am looking for the sound that my very first bass had. [Before I knew anything about the basss.]

This is the very first bass. It cost $80.00 at Grandpa Pidgins on 16th birthday in St. Louis, Missouri. It’s a 60’s-70’s Cobra P Bass from Japan. Anyway, the Maxon 60’s-70’s mini humbucker. I also got a KMD keyboard/bass amp. I had .095 for the E string. When I ran my thumbnail down the E over the Humbucker. It was way beyond anything that tries to be a bass.

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the pickup in your picture is not a Precision Bass style split coil pickup, it’s most certainly a Maxon “Fakebucker” like the ones I have on my early '70 japanese Jazz Bass. It looks like a humbucker but it’s not. You won’t get the same sound from a split coil, a single coil like a Jazz Bass pickup would be closer.


My Peavey Zodiac

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Ok… When I stripped the Maxon pickup for the copper wire. My bobbin was two coils stacked on top of one another with two alnico bar magnets on each side. I didn’t have the pole pieces like you have. I had a late 60’s early 70’s Maxon mini humbucker. Not the Fakebucker like you have pictured. My Japanese Harmony short scale bass from 1974 has Fakebuckers.

I have two of theses Fakebuckers in my 1974 Harmony H906. But, the Maxon pickup in my cobra Pbass is/or was a true mini humbucker.

P.S. they definitely don’t make the true original “BASS” pickups like they did back in the early 20th century.

This is the only thing I have left.

From my used Japanese Cobra P Bass from the 60’s-70’s. With the special custom color.

Would you have an idea of where I could get this beast rewound on a stacked bobbin? I won’t need to add much else. If I could get it back in playing condition.

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No fender P bass? Still Leo’s children.

Musicman cutlass bass

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