Noob building adventure

I have a penchant for taking on projects I am way underqualufied for, screwing up a lot and finishing with a mediocre result…This is going to be my latest.


Good luck on your build. Post pics as you go along.


You are already two steps further along than I could do….

  1. Deciding on a nice piece of wood
  2. Sketching something very cool

I know my limits.
Good luck, looking forward to your progress.


Hopefully going to be doing a practice cut on some pine boards this week to make a template. Still trying to decide on what to do with a neck…I am NOT going to be laying out my own neck as that is waay beyond my capabilities. I have enough real estate on the body to do 32 scale or 34. I already have a 30 and 34 scale, so part of me wants to try a 32–but that has limited options to mainly jaguar take-off necks or a few companies that do neck blanks. Because I have no prior experience with fret levelling/crowing/dressing, I either want to do a takeoff or have fiddled with the idea of doing a full scale fretless.


I just ended up buying the formed wood I needed, along with all of the parts. The J-Bass (Poison Apple) was a little easier because it was a kit. The P-Bass (Turquoise Waters) was a bit different because I bought everything separately.

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